New 360 Core Coming To US This Holidays

Backing up from what Kotaku heard from Europe earlier today several sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox 360 marketing tact have confirmed that the rebranded Xbox 360 Core is legit and will likely be announced in the US some time for the holidays.

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Schmitty073954d ago

They are including the MU. A console with no memory is useless.

bung tickler3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

they should have done this from the start. now there really is no reason to get a wii over the 360 when the price is so close.

edit: @below - yeah, however the 360 has stuff for the causal gamer too, and the wiis hype wont last forever. also the 360 has a lot longer legs than the wii does, the wii's tech was outdated the day it launched... i'll give you the motion controls though, the 360 doesn't have that, however, i personally would rather have some graphical balls than motion control. but again thats my opinion, not everyones.

okcomputer3954d ago

People aren't buying the wii just because of price alone. Its the motion controls, the hype, and the appeal to casual gaming that keep the wii in high demand.

G_CodeMonkey3954d ago

to the same or slightly lower than Wii, and a lack of Wii supply will mean big sales--especially if they have Halo sitting right next to it for little Johnnie (stupid parents don't read the ratings anyway). gCM

Odion3954d ago

ya its good that they re branded it like that, the arcade is what makes it appeal to the casuals so branding the cheapest one as a spot to gets a ton of great games is a good idea.

SacT0wnF1n3st3954d ago

How many models do they have? like 7? Jeez

bung tickler3954d ago

the correct answer would be 3.

SacT0wnF1n3st3954d ago

Let's count shall we?

Core (2 types), Premium (2 types), Elite, Halo 3 so it is more like 6.

bung tickler3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

well seeing as there will be only one core, one pro, and one elite after stock is cleared, also the halo 3 is a LIMITED edition, so again the correct answer would be 3.

A person walks into a store they see 3 diffent options, core - pro - elite.

and if you dont agree i could do the same thing with the ps3, ok theres the 20gb one, the 60gb one, the 80gb one then theres the 60gb bundle with two controllers, then theres the bundle with motorstorm then theres the bundle with... see where this is going?

DrRage773954d ago

and how many ps3 sku's do you need? there is (was) the 20gb ps3, the 60gb ps3, the 80gb ps3, the "starter pack" ps3, and how many more will we see bundled during the holidays? you have no logic in your argument...

SacT0wnF1n3st3954d ago

What if that person wants a premium with a HDMI output? They have to ask specifically for it they just can't assume that every premium models will have the HDMI output (same thing with the core). Let me ask you a question is Halo 3 version another 360 model? I don't give a damn whether it is a limited edition or not the consumers will have a choice to buy it and that makes it another modle for MS. You know how MS always said about CHOICE. People have choice for this and for that. So what they do they put out a whole bunch of different models for it.

Demon19803954d ago

I don't see how his logic fails? Currently there is only the 60 gig and 80 gig PS3 sku's. Sony is phasing out the 60 gig so practically there are is only the 80 gig bundle pack. However, microsoft is still producing and selling the core, premium, and elite.

marionz3954d ago

3 egg, cant you count?

1 core
1 premium
1 elite

dont try and count it as more just because its boxed with a mu
was the gears or viva pinata a different xbox?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3953d ago

There is a 3 in your name, maybe you should find out what it means or was it just a purrdy symbol to you?

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Neoninja3954d ago

Yea this is a pretty good deal if your a casual gamer, I wonder what they have in store for the hardcore ones.

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