Would You Purchase Gran Turismo 5 For $180? Sony Thinks You Might — Jokingly

You hear the name Gran Turismo and instantly you know its PlayStation’s biggest franchise — and with good reason. See, when you can sell 4 million copies of a demo (Prologue), it says a lot.

So much so that Sony’s been jokingly talking about selling GT5 at “three times the price” knowing you’d probably still buy it.

Would you?

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jc485732925d ago

That's tough....I have to give it a second thought...

gamesR4fun2925d ago

dollar for hour on what we'll get out of this game XD

jus dont tell Sony k

Dee_912925d ago

but it wouldnt be a day one lol

itll b like .. 4 months later

boodybandit2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I am getting 3 copies for my eyefinity display.

3 PS3's, 3 displays, 3 copies of GT5, 1 awesome wheel, comfy racing seat, 5.1 DD cranked, Buttkicker dialed in, and 1 pot of coffee. I will be turning laps probably 12 to 16 hours the come 11/3/10. Come to think of it I better make 2 pots of coffee.

boodybandit2924d ago

This place is a riot.
I must have a fan. Or should I say stalker?

Pandemic2925d ago

Considering how much content is available in the game, I probably would.

RedPawn2925d ago

It better be one HELL of a collectors edition.

SanMarco2925d ago

You bet your bottom dollar!. Oh wait theres none left!
Damn You

MGRogue20172925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

rofl.. a multi-million dollar company joking around with it's consumers just like old time friends would do at a local pub

Classic :D

Vegeta90002925d ago

GT5 Collector's Edition + Steering Wheel.

tiamat52925d ago

Just kidding.... Ha Ha Ha.... Right? I mean if we are talking a special edition then maybe but $180 for the game alone. I don't think people will find that very funny

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