PS3 controllers ‘Move' into Wii domain

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; but improving upon an original is a good way to steal business.

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thebudgetgamer3007d ago

i dont think most wii fans are going to care about the extra horse power that the ps3 has. i do believe some will go for the ps3 as some of of the younger gamers move on but most wont.

sorry for the bd pun.

tiamat53007d ago

I don't think they will go for any of the new motion controls. People seem to think that the Kinect will because it is different but I think that Wii owners are way to stubborn to abandon it to buy a whole new console. Sony will just have to be satisfied with us PS3 owners and who ever is left.Not desperate but could someone bubble me up at least by one please. I was unfairly relinquished of one because I said that Microsoft lied when they said control less gaming which is the truth. You don't have to give me one but would appreciate it.

gunnerforlife3006d ago

ill give u a hand on the bubble as well lol
agree with wat you said as well.

Zydake3006d ago

I love my Move it's so amazing how it goes into depth the only thing that bothers me at times is it takes up all my time lol. Resident Evil 5 with Move has increased better playability for me because the cross hairs on the RE would piss me off but Move fixes it with its percision.

moparful993006d ago

Whenever hardcore xbox guys are clamoring to buy a ps3 just for move you know it's something special.. I have a few friends who stopped playing reach long enough to play sports champions and they are loving it.. Ping pong is fantastic, volleyball is good clean fun, but disc golf is where it's at.. I've seriously played a couple hundred holes since I bought my move friday morning..