3D games enter a new generation


The launch of PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect signals a revolution in the way that we interact through the internet.

Although the Nintendo Wii has used motion tracking for four years, the new devices are noticeably more sophisticated: PlayStation Move still involves a hand-held controller, but a player's movements can now be tracked in 3D space with incredible precision using its own "Eye" camera placed near the screen. The Xbox Kinect is a wholly hands-free device that employs a camera and infrared depth sensors, translating any movement into game action. Both systems also feature microphones that allow voice input.

While 3D at the cinema still feels like something of a gimmick, 3D technology brings with it tangible benefits in gaming.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

3D + Move + Augmented Reality, Body and Face traction, Voice recognition (PS Eye) + PS3 + Surround 7.1 = Bankrupt, but worth it.