PlayStation Move Launch Begins The Battle For Non-Gamers

On Friday, Sony launched its new motion-control system PlayStation Move in the latest round of the videogame console war for consumers.

Only this battle is decidedly different from those of the past. What do we even call this one?

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Agent-863011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I think that "casual gamers" is still a better term than "non-gamers". It just sounds like an oxymoron. A "non-gamer" would be someone who doesn't game at all. The term "casual gamer" describes the person and the type games they play pretty well. I guess if you were looking for another term to describe them, you could go with something like "infrequent gamer" or "occasional gamer". I still think casual is the best description and must be why it's used so much.

WildArmed3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Actually in the article he talking about casual gamer vs non-gamer and why he picked 'battle for non-gamers' over anything else

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moparful993010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Ahh but he missed the real reasoning behind move, in sony's eyes at least.. Sony designed the move to appeal the broadest amount of consumers possible. They hope "non-gamers" will adopt, casual and wii gamers will jump ships, and the hardcore will have a reason to "MOVE" lol bad pun intended.. But honestly sony is flexing its marketing muscle finally, they almost cost themselves a huge share of the market this generation by underestimating the power of marketing products properly.. You cant blame them though, the ps1 and ps2 sold themselves making sony the most successful game company on the planet.. So now that they have righted the ship so to speak they are finally focusing their marketing strategy and its paying dividends. Bravo sony, bravo.

rekof3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

everyone is a gamer ,..(except my dad :),.. even he kicked some ball, played some tennis,..)
We all like to play games, is in our nature,.. Gamer is a human being,..
gamer being a synonym with pc/consoles ,.. is just stupid,..

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MGRogue20173010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

PS Move's main target are Families & Elderly people.

However, there are many "hardcore" PS3 gamers out there who just had to buy it 'cause it's awesome! :D

And there's also the "casual" kind of gamers as well who just want to take a look at it 'cause it's new technology.. don't wanna' forget about them.

Just wanted to throw that out there. :P

stonecold33010d ago

get move but i cant afford at the moment with gt5 coming out lbp2 wwe raw 2011 n4speed enslaved ac brotherhood please can someone give me a bubble up please

Redrum0593010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

But only because I too want to get move but can't because of castlevania, gt5, lbp2, brotherhood, and black ops and everything else you said which I completely agree with...

...but that's it


Bubble me back please.

moparful993010d ago

Bubs both of you.. I made one of those impulse buys and walked away with a shiny new move bundle and within minutes of setting it up and playing I was hooked.. Move is fantastic and I just cant get enough, honestly it reinvigorated my love of gaming.. Cant wait for you two to join the family...

Redrum0593010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

+bubs to you for being copletely honest of how truely engaging and intense the move experience is. because it truely is.

and yes, i will be joining soon.

Redrum0593010d ago

quick question... do you think the cod games will feature move capability or do yall think that MS deal with cod will prevent that?

moparful993010d ago

Honestly I think activision will treat the playstation userbase as an afterthought and focus on the 360 community as usual. But I've washed my hands of activision.. I want to get black ops because it looks legit but I refuse to buy an activision branded product.... I'm looking forward to socom4 and killzon3 with move support to sate my fps hunger...

tiamat53010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

My guess is that the only ones left are non games and us the PS3 owners. They are attempting to win over who ever was not sure about motion controls at first, those who haven't a console and us the PS3 owners who know Sony makes the best hardware in the business and are reliable. I personally hope Move continues the momentum that it seems to have begun with. I have no problem with move being an option for future games on the PS3. It is too bad I can't afford one at the moment. Sigh.BTW can someone bubble me up too. I unfairly lost a bubble for pointing out that Microsoft lied about controller less gaming by adding the controller to the Kinect. You don't have to but thanks if you do.

clintos593010d ago

I think sony is looking at all gamers. Reason I say this is because even the hardcore fans such as myself who really werent interested in motion controllers even though I do own a wii but in all honesty nintendo hasnt done enough for its motion controllers to even make me say, "WOW THAT WAS AMAZING". It just feels like I been just playing the same games the same way over & over again. I also wanna point out that I wasnt interested in move either but when they showed sorcery, that game alone showed me the possibilities that ive been looking for in a game utilizing motion controllers to what they are capable of. Just watch, the same way the ps3 launched & people said it had no games & now the ps3 has the best exclusive library out of the 3 systems is what u can expect with move games. Yeah it might have a wii launch like lineup but I can guarantee if move sells well & sony gets a chance to bring us new experiences for motion controllers never seen before, its almost GUARANTEED. Sorcery will be the first..

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