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BioShock Infinite Gameplay

First gameplay footage of bioshock infinite (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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Quagmire  +   1555d ago

Would You Kindly....let me play some?
StanLee  +   1555d ago
Yes, it is amazing. My only fear is that though the world may change, it may still feel too familiar to Bioshock. I hope the narrative and gameplay evolutions help the developer overcome that.
mikeslemonade  +   1555d ago
Looks solid. It's not going to beat Last Guardian or Infamous 2, but still worth a one-time play through. So that means I'm going to gamefly it.
Commander_TK  +   1555d ago
Why? Because it's not exclusive to the PS3? A great game doesn't have to be exlusive to a Playstation console. Need I remind u that Bioshock is one of the most critically acclaimed games of the 7th generation.
cayal  +   1555d ago
Where is this one set?
zeeshan  +   1555d ago
Dude! I love my PS3 but stop with the fanboy comments. TLG and Infamous 2 are totally different types of games. Comparing them with Bioshock Infinite is downright stupid!

OT: I can't wait to play Bioshock Infinite!!! It looks great!!!!!!
TheLastGuardian  +   1555d ago
@ Stan Lee
What do you mean "too familiar"? That is exactly what I want.
DarkTower805  +   1555d ago
Better to watch it here:

EDIT: Btw, it starts about the 13:50 mark
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CrzyFooL  +   1555d ago
I like everything about this game other than the fact that it's called Bioshock. Call it something else for fucks sake. Like Aeroshock ...
UKdoaney  +   1555d ago
not too sure about aeroshock lol but deffo would prefer this as a new IP. i did not like bioshock 2 but i absolutely adored bioshock 1. bioshock should have remained only one game! but still this games loooks koool.
DigitalAnalog  +   1555d ago
Bioshock Infinite looks like a totally different game.
The artstyle is so consistent and brilliant that at times the "better" looking CG trailer followed by the gameplay scene seem so seemless.

-End statement
PS3Freak  +   1555d ago
I can't wait for this game. The reveal trailer for this game alone is what got me to play Bioshock, I ended up beating it twice. Can't wait for this one.
ico92  +   1555d ago
i know this is off topic but the new city Columbus reminds me of Metropolis in R&C FTOD
Solid_Snakeps3  +   1555d ago
hmmmm... i hope the wrench's back too...
ia_studio  +   1554d ago
Bioshock infinite gameplay
0:56 seconds.
fuckitimout  +   1554d ago
bring on another system shock
and infamous 2 will suck I bet. Did they ditch the CW actor looking protagonist design?
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1554d ago
Yes they did, it's good old Cole again, no hair, serious face, badly shaved beard and back to courrier clothes... I believe the only thing left from CW Cole is the voice change that shall still be there (as they dumped the original voice actor to get one with parkour skills to make the mocap), but I'm ok with that, the original voice was kinda lame Batman's growling rip-off, better get rid of it.

EDIT: In case you want to take a look...
The tatoos also stayed (although way less visible), but the mr. superhero pants is totally gone for good! :)

That's exactly we should complain about new Dante, developers CAN and SHOULD listen to the fanbase feedback.
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fuckitimout  +   1554d ago
@ bishop-br
thanks for the info man :) and I agree developers must listen to there fanbase instead of trying to force us to like their decisions. I'm gonna look up the new dante. Didn't know they changed him too
Drjft  +   1555d ago
Gameplay looks good, although I've never enjoyed Bioshock.
fnixrebrn  +   1555d ago
I had no interest to play Bioshock 1 or 2 since I don't really play any scary games or dark games lol... but I might pick this one up since I like the atmosphere and new story.
DarthMoose  +   1555d ago
I loved both bioshock 1 and 2, I found bioshock 2 improved upon the gameplay but it just lacked the mystery and intrigue of the first bioshock, but after seeing some gameplay im convinced infinite will be one hell of a ride not sure on the mystery part though since you interact with so many people, the isolation from other characters in the first bioshock what I thought added to that.
enkeixpress  +   1555d ago
I love the whole atmosphere & story of BioShock.. and also the music.

But I don't like playing the game itself, I don't know why. =/
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DarthMoose  +   1555d ago
Well I grew up during the nes era, so games like bioshock are a beauty to look at and a joy to play for me, great story, great visuals, awsome setting, and fckn intense gameplay, I feel spoiled playing games like these, you can go back to playing whatever game you can't remember if you want.
rezzah  +   1555d ago
woow that was awesome, I really enjoy the slide thingy or w/e it is. Looks like the way people transfer from building to building.
Eternus  +   1555d ago
Gameplay looks great
But the graphics don't look all that good. Granted though, the game is still two years away, so there will be plenty of time for improvement.
vickers500  +   1555d ago
Are you joking?

The game looks f*cking amazing.
DarthMoose  +   1555d ago
This is where the article that said "gamers of today are spoiled" is so true with comments like this.
Eternus  +   1555d ago
Oh please you two, give me a fucking break. The art style looks fantastic, but I mean in comparison to some other games coming out, it's not quite up to par on a technical scale.

I'm by no means a graphics whore, I will pop in my classic PS1 disc of FF7 and play it on my PS3 and still love it as much as ever, I was just stating my opinion, and the Bioshock fanboys try to eat me alive.
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vickers500  +   1555d ago
Technically it looks better than the majority of upcoming releases. Art style wise, it has only one rival (The Last Guardian).

Technical sh*t doesn't matter anyway, and doesn't mean a game is going to look good. Just take a look at Crysis 2: it's probably technically superior to every game that's going to come out for a long time, yet it looks bland, unoriginal, and lacking in creativity.

I'd rather have a game with an amazing art style with acceptable textures, than a game with crap art style and high res textures.

Modern Warfare 2 may have better textures than Shadow of the Colossus, but Shadow of the Colossus looks a hell of a lot better.
DarthMoose   1555d ago | Offensive
outrageous  +   1555d ago
Bioshock Infinitely better...
WoW...how anybody can't see how amazing this game looks and plays is beyond me. Irrational Games have some very talented people over there and Ken Levine is definitely killing it from an artistic/game design standpoint.

I think it's time for Ken Levine to grow some balls and dump 2K. These guys are making great games and 2K is going out of there way to destroy his masterpieces. Bioshock 1 was a masterpiece...Bioshock 2 was made by a different dev in 2K marine and it showed. Now 2K is making a phone version of Bioshock and rumors of a Bioshock movie is still out there. 2K doesn't care about quality at all or the hard work that Irrational games has put into there games...only milking it for all its worth. Ken Levine can't be happy about all this.

BTW...the game releases in 2012...lol. From a technical standpoint these graphics are on par with the best this gen has to offer...from ANY system.
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Kingdom Come  +   1555d ago
Why are people...
So dependabt on graphics? Plus they look fantastic!
eggbert  +   1555d ago
Maybe it's just me
but I thought Bioshock was bland. Gameplay was boring, and I expected that "twist" to happen later in the game so I guess I just didn't feel it's magic. I know a lot of people like this series though, maybe I'll try getting into Bioshock 2 or something.
rezzah  +   1555d ago
BS2 has the better gameplay of the two but the story lacks that pull the first one had.

When I played the demo for BS1 I loved the story because I found it interesting but the gameplay threw me off. i didnt play it until my bro bought the game like a year later. After forcing myself to getinto it I loved it.
Nihilism  +   1555d ago
I think BS2 had a better story as well, but it lacked originality, nostalgia also plays a big part, I think BS2 was a great game in every way, but there was 'something' missing, and that was originality, BS:I definitely has that. I hope it's less scripted than this video makes it seem though...
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colonel179  +   1555d ago
I was never interested in Bioshock 1 and 2, so I have never played them, but this one looks pretty good!. It definitely got on my radar!
GusBricker  +   1555d ago
Looking good...
...and if you have Bioshock 2, go play Minerva's Den. Awesome DLC!
PooEgg  +   1555d ago
Thanks for letting us know, I was thinking of looking into it the next time I start up Bioshock 2, but am so tired of paying good money for bad DLC, so I was waiting to hear if it is worth it or not.
Nihilism  +   1555d ago
Holy schnitzel!, it was hard to tell from the vid, bt I hope they get rid of the retarded 30 frame capped physics in BS:I...watching people fall down in a slide show is strange, but I suppose it's just a part of the charm of the series, art style > gwaffix
Led-Zeppelin  +   1555d ago
Cartoonish Graphics, I love it!
CoLD FiRE  +   1555d ago
Because having color makes it less realistic and real life is all grays and browns. :p

The original Bioshock sucked me in when I first played it but never managed to finish it since it got boring later on. When the second game came out I gave it a shot but couldn't even play more than an hour it was just not fun.

However, Bioshock Infinite looks to be more interesting and I'm looking forward to trying it.
Led-Zeppelin  +   1555d ago
Oh come on, that was really really colorful, please dont tell me you can walk outside and see things that bright.. Anyway its not like Halo has realistic graphics :P And anyway ive been playing Killzone 2 for a while and that game is nothing but black and grey, so nice to see something more colorful.
CobraKai  +   1555d ago
I can already feel that the same magic that made Bioshock 1 so memorable will be in Bioshock Infinite.
Eternus  +   1555d ago
I agree with most of your point, All I'm saying is don't let your glaringly obvious Bioshock fanboyism blind you from seeing things.
Turbine27   1555d ago | Spam
Eternus  +   1555d ago
@Darth. Wow, what a mature comment. I commend you.
Nihilism  +   1555d ago

Is that more yo your liking?
CrzyFooL  +   1555d ago
What's old is new again.
AnchorMan  +   1555d ago
praise all things bioshock
GodFather_87  +   1555d ago
I've played Bioshock 2
and did not really enjoy it so far. I think I will pass this one. But it looks nice.
Harelgur  +   1555d ago
hey people
im the uploader of the youtube vid :DD
4K views.. im proud
OpiZA  +   1555d ago
Holy smokes. Amazing
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Rybakov  +   1555d ago
yay my ps3 is gonna be over heated (like they do in 5 minutes) for the last guardian and team ico collection can't wait

my 360 how ever has to wait till 2012 for this game =/
YoungKingDoran  +   1555d ago
is it still using UE3 (albeit a heavily modified UE3) ? kinda looks like it to me.
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jalen247  +   1555d ago
Looks good
Merivigian  +   1555d ago
Can't wait, Rapture was loosing it's "rust"ic charm.
URIELXIV  +   1555d ago
oh look another multiplat soon to be overhyped by xbots
Matthew94  +   1555d ago
how the hell do you hide a floating CITY????????????
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