Would You Sell Nintendo Wii For PS3 Move?

The Nintendo Wii was first launched back in 2006, and hasn’t had any competition when it comes to motion controllers. Now the PlayStation Move has hit PS3′s around the world - is the time up for the Wii?

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Dance2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

and nintendo have alot of it

qface642860d ago

"Would You Sell Nintendo Wii For PS3 Move"
who would be dumb enough to sell an actual console for a controller itself?

anyways i wouldn't i own all consoles

ScootaKuH2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I pity all those foolish enough to buy a Wii in the first place. Anyone who disagrees is in denial and needs professional help.

qface642860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

yeah because someone who actually enjoys and has fun with something they decided to buy is just so terrible right?

clearly they need the pity
those poor people oh however will they manage....

EYEamNUMBER12860d ago

wouldn't the person who would need professional help be the one who is pitying people who are content and satisfied with something they themselves decided they wanted just because you yourself dislike what they are satisfied with?

its like pitying a billionaire because you yourself don't like money
i mean come on now what's there to pity?

GFahim2860d ago

lol i find it funny that you pity those who are enjoying something. i mean wtf? sounds like it is actually YOU who needs 'professional help'.

Trebius2860d ago

I enjoy the company of Asian ladies.
Anyone who enjoys the company of other kinds of women are foolish, I pity them.


Thats how retarded you sound right now.

ChineseDemocracy2860d ago

Personally, I don't use the Wii very often, but my younger siblings absolutely love it. It caters to a younger demographic (imo).

n4f2860d ago

if i would trade the wii for move it be awkward cause i will be stuck with only move, i dont have a ps3

rwarner1742860d ago


You are right, I never fall for fad bs. Examples, iPhone, iPad. Piles of overpriced garbage. Its not that the Wii sucks as much as it not even close to 250$ worth of hardware when it was release nor is it 199 worth of hardware today. Hands down if you bought a Wii you fall into the class of idiot.

na-no-nai2859d ago

and you saying that the move is not a fad?? From what I seen the move is a copycat to the wiimote

inveni02859d ago

I purposely DIDN'T buy a Wii because of Move. Now, I have Move for less than a Wii would have cost, and it's a blast. I can play games with my son that he's not able to play in real life, but there's also an element of skill involved that allows me to feel like I can still do my best and have it matter. That's something that the Wii doesn't have.

But, if I already owned a Wii, I wouldn't sell it for the Move. I would just consider the Move a welcome addition to our motion controller family!

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gta_manic2860d ago

It all boil down to GOOD software for each motion control and the Wii has a few good games and the Move has been out for 2 days, so...

Gue12860d ago

Yeah, if only Metroid and Zelda were available on the PS3 too!

TooTall192860d ago

Chances are you have already played those though. Even Miyamoto might consider selling his wii for a Move lol.

oricon2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Id say no for one reason, the ps3 software lineup so far for the core move games just have had the move thrown in and no ground up move games for the core and those games like Killzone 3 are great already and i doubt people will buy those games just to play with the move, I doubt Move or and surely Kinect will not have ground up games as good as Super Mario Galaxy Zelda, Metroid Prime. Sony doesn't seem focused on making really high quality ground up games for the move since they know most gamers would probably complain >.> and will use the DS3 controller for those games.

jwatt2860d ago

I think right now you'll be ok, I just think from here on out the PS3 will get the superior version of every multi-platform game and that's in terms of graphics and the controls. It's just going to boil down to the exclusives of the Wii. I don't think you should sell your Wii but if you had to choose between buying the two I would definitely go with the PS3.

GrammarPolice2860d ago

Quantity does not equal quality. I think we can all agree that there is "alot" of worthless shovelware out there for the Wii. The Wii may need to retreat to the workout and kid friendly niche markets.

EYEamNUMBER12860d ago

except for the fact that there are ALLOT of good games on the wii as well

look at the ps2 it was the console with the most shovelware last generation but it still had ALLOT of amazing and great games on it

bennyace2860d ago

that there won't be any shovleware on the PS3! Or party games and mini games compilations! C'mon just look at the commercials, you'll see who they're targeting with it! You'll probably have a couple of hardcore games but not the majotity.

N4g_null2860d ago

Your clearly not paying attention. Wii wins in quality and sales. On top of that every thing about the move is tacked on so far at least kinect is getting new titles just for it steel battalion and the wii has the best motion based games out one of them is in 2d also with 20 million sold and counting.

I really hope putting another console down helps you buy a friggin move rather than being a cheerleader.

fooltheman2859d ago

haha... I you mean quality motion're right...
because move is out for like 5 days...^^

But as a whole ps3's library has alot more quality...

But Move is getting new titles too, and for the tacked's not that DS3 can be used too, that move is just tacked on...

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Jaces2860d ago

I've had 3 wiis and I've sold or traded them all.

I bought my first then found it had literally nothing for games - sold

Won my second one in a raffle drawing...still no games to make me want to keep it - traded for 360

The third I bought overseas but guess what...NO GAMES! - sold it for minor profit

I had a thing where if there aren't 6 or more games worth getting on a system then there's no point in purchasing said console.

Anyway if I had my wii now I wouldn't trade it for move, cause I've found my 6 games, lol!

oricon2860d ago

Oh your so hardcore... >.>

Jaces2859d ago

shhhshhh, he needs someone to admire. Don't dash his dreams.

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dc12860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I did the same thing (picked up another ps3 with move on the trade in)
The Wii is a wonderful device. I probably purchased every component associated with it. Nintendo and their share holders should be/are proud.
However, after two years,.. My 2 kid and I very rarely touched it outside of watching Netflix movies. My 8 year old son (who is pretty efficient with PS3 controller) is not much of a platformer and refuses to play any action adventure games on the wii (playing transformer on the wii usually results in an utter break down).
I will support the next Nintendo console for sure. However I really hope that they (Nintendo) supports a traditional control for all games with the wii mote as an option.

nycredude2859d ago

All you haters on here just freaking swallow your pride and try the freaking thing for more than an hour. It's so obvious who hasn't tried the move. I guarantee you after more than an hour you will never compare the move to the Wiimote ever again. THe shit is accurate as hell. I understand it loos like the move is for casuals but after playing sports champion it's clear it isn't just for casuals. Some of those games are hard. YOu really need to focus not just swing aimlessly.

I had my doubts but bought it anyway. At first I wasn't impressed but after I played with the placement of the eye and setup and got used to the fact I really have to complete the motions like in real life I realized how good these controllers are.

Seriously stop hating and just try it.

BTW I can't believe no one is talking about Boce. That shit is gansta.

Mini Mario2859d ago

"YOu really need to focus not just swing aimlessly. "

That's funny, even in the first wii game (wii sports) you had to do more than swing aimlessly. See what people miss when they just assume what they think are fact.

For example try playing the tennis training (2nd stage) in wii sports. Which has been out for like 4 years. Try and get more then 30 by just "swinging aimlessly"

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Paradise2860d ago

No. Because I don't have a Wii.

But seriously if I wanted more hardware i'd just take a little overtime.

DarkBlood2860d ago

no because all consoles have thier own exclusive games

DarkFantasy2859d ago

You are right!,I'm actually buying a wii vary soon, the first games I'm picking up for it will be Monster Hunter Tri and Mario galaxy 2 and after killzone 3(which i have pre-ordered)comes out i will be buying a move shortly after,there's room in my house for more then one console maybe not on my game shelf tho..i need a new one its too full to put any more games on LOL

ndibu2860d ago

Just asking. OT: Why would any wii owner wanna give up the console with the highest rated game this gen, just to buy a product with no games except a couple of lame launch titles and games with tacked on motion controls?

Cratos87802860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

"Why would any wii owner wanna give up the console with the highest rated game this gen"

Grand Theft Auto 4 - 360 Metacritic score: 98
Grand Theft Auto 4 - PS3 Metacritic score: 98
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Metacritic score: 97

And any game running on a Gamecube 1.5 can hardly be called a game of this gen.

And if there are some sh*t Move games - it's the fault of the game and not the Move hardware. Does anyone blame the Wiimote for all the Wii shovelware games?

Move's launch lineup is mostly casual games but there are AAA First Person Shooters and other hardcore games for Move releasing in the future.

And you forget there are EXISTING AAA hardcore PS3 games that are being patched to support Move.

Muletroid2860d ago

"Does anyone blame the Wiimote for all the Wii shovelware games?"

actually yes allot of people have done and still do just that

lil boy blue2860d ago

you fail because he said exclusive no multiplat.

shark972860d ago

it's HD console exclusive?!

PlayerX2860d ago

On Gamerankings Mario galaxy 1&2 are higher rated than GTA IV

And since Metacritic openly admits to taking certain opinions over others

I think gamerankings is a better source

Cratos87802860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

"you fail because he said exclusive no multiplat."

Where did he say exclusives? Anyway, GTA4 is PS3/360-exclusive.

"And since Metacritic openly admits to taking certain opinions over others"

Metacritic give higher weight to bigger sites like IGN, Gamespot and lower weight to no-name sites; to calculate the Metascore. That's a good thing.

"I think gamerankings is a better source"

Oh, gamerankings is a better source just so you can brag that lame SMG2 is better than the greatest game of this gen - GTA4? ROFL.

Game developers and game publishers use Metacritic. Internet forums use Metacritic. Gamerankings is hardly mentioned by anyone (except when is convenient like what you are doing here).

Metacritic > Gamerankings

PlayerX2860d ago

You are one sensitive fanboy. I'm sorry that the unbias opinion of gamerankings doesn't suite your argument. Also GTA IV is on XBox/Ps3/PC so exclusive is a term that doesn't belong anywhere near it.

turok2860d ago

I like GTA as much as the next guy but GTA IV is certainly not the best game this gen. "best" is subjective/relative nothing is absolute. and anyone with a brain knows that vice city and san andreas were a better game than gta iv.

Mini Mario2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

"And if there are some sh*t Move games - it's the fault of the game and not the Move hardware. Does anyone blame the Wiimote for all the Wii shovelware games? "

You must be new to this site.

Your answer? SURPRISINGLY - yes ! People really do blame nintendo/wii mote quite often for shovelware that comes out on the system.

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EYEamNUMBER12860d ago

going by this you would be trading your wii for the controller itself and no means to use said controller

Shadow Flare2860d ago

Yeah, you're not a troll are you.....


RememberThe3572860d ago

Bringing up something that was said like 4 years ago isn't trolling at all. Especially since Sony hasn't mentioned anything like that since then.


FAGOL2860d ago

I'll sell my wii for a bananna if someone would buy the damn thing.

CrazyForGames2860d ago

if your actually being serious about this comment then it just sounds like you don't actually have a wii at all

RememberThe3572860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I'm concerned that you would take that comment seriously...

@below: Selling a console for a peace of fruit? Really? That seem plausible to you? When have you ever seen anything like that happen here?

CrazyForGames2860d ago

on this website? how would i not?

on this site there's a bigger chance of him being serious than sarcastic/joking

CrazyForGames2860d ago

going by what he said hes not saying he wants to trade the wii for a fruit or sell it specifically for said fruit

he said "if someone would buy the damn thing" meaning hes having a hard time selling or trying to sell the wii
which i highly doubt would be hard at all unless your trying to sell it for an insane amount of money or unless you don't actually have one at all

like i said seeing how N4G is there is a higher chance hes serious about what he said it doesn't matter how silly or stupid it sounds knowing this place chances are they mean it

turok2860d ago

u dont have a dick?

ive heard this from somewhere before....