Player Affinity: Cabela's North American Adventures Review

Tristan Wong: "Cabela’s North American Adventures is a hunting game… nothing more I can say about it—it’s a hunting game where you take pretty pictures of pretty animals whilst they loath and squander about the landscape… your rifle ready and willing to put a bullet through its head before it has a clue of what to say about you."

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Invadersims3007d ago

Somehow I knew this would be terrible before I even saw the review. Good job describing the sound of blood rushing from a corpse. I literally had a mental picture that the animal blood comes out like the corpses in the Bloodrayne games.

Grim_Fandango3007d ago

Lol--makes you happy, don't it?

KinivingReviving3007d ago

I know it's not that great of a game but... I want to play it!

RagingCajun3007d ago

This sounds like my best/worst nightmare

jjmtf223005d ago

The only way this game could be worse is if you were hunting domestic animals.