Graphics Duel: Halo: Reach vs. Killzone 2

Gamereactor has taken Microsoft's current title and pitted it against the over one and a half years old Killzone 2 in a graphics duel. The result? Look for yourself and decide.

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Windex2530d ago

especially with screenshot.

i personally like Halo Reach's game play better,

but in terms of graphics, Killzone 2 beats Halo Reach hands down.

WhatARump2530d ago

The article itself says "Killzone 3" but the title here says Killzone 2?

Anyways they both look like great games :)

iamnsuperman2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

@whatARump true I almost reported it for bad editing until I noticed the pictures says Killzone 2

Anton Chigurh2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

The funny thing is that nobody is talking about the gameplay and that's where HALO reach truly shines.

8-bit2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

The article pic is one that I designed and some one used it and changed it. Mine says KZ3 and they changed it to 2. Here is the original. I did it in february.

@below, Thanks. I know my way around photoshop :)

MisterNiwa2530d ago

This is one fine fanart.

WhittO2530d ago

It should be Halo Reach V Killzone 3, not Killzone 2.

and to be fair it should be finished code for both games, not pre-alpha for K3 etc.

Kazu0 Hirai2530d ago Show
Windex2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

if u look at the screen shot, how can you dispute that KZ2 doesnt look better???


the pictures are from Killzone 2. if you played the game, you may recognize few places. And btw, picture says its Killzone 2.

in the article, it refers to KIllzone 2.
" We have taken the opportunity to pit Microsoft's current title against the over one and a half years old Killzone 2 graphics in a duel. The result? Look at yourself and decide" google tranlation

yea KZ2 look THAT good


Lol did u photoshop and made that into 3??? Lolol. get a life fanboy

we still have not seen Rage on console..

E3 they showed PC hooked with Xbox controller.
they said the settings are "similar" to xbox though....

but i will believe it when i see it.

raztad2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

People should refrain from talking about fun in a article comparing screenshots of games. It is utterly pointless. First of all fun is totally subjective, and second it is just offtopic.

The KZ shots in the article are from a KZ2 beta code. I find this article unnecessary. I dont think anyone was touting Halo:R against KZ2. Let's wait for the big players (Crysis 2, RAGE) to start making comparisons.

cayal2530d ago

"The funny thing is that nobody is talking about the gameplay and that's where HALO reach truly shines"

Yeah because Halo's point and shoot is so much better then killzone's point and shoot right?

PSFan1002530d ago

People saying halo has better gameplay or is funner, that's your opinion just like my opinion is that killzone has better gameplay and is funner. There is no dispute over which game has better graphics (killzone).

BulletToothtony2530d ago

gamereactor's flaimbait yet again.. sad sad sad.. do some journalism.. i say it in every one of your articles and nothing.. lame excuse of a site

D4RkNIKON2530d ago


"Lol did u photoshop and made that into 3??? Lolol. get a life fanboy"

8-BIT clearly uploaded it in february so yeah..

Nihilism2530d ago

The version of Rage shown at E3 was the 360 build on PC with a 360 controller.

ChineseDemocracy2530d ago

2 completely different games, 2 completely different types of gameplay. I still think it's pretty unreasonable to compare the two, they're totally different.

jeseth2530d ago

Why do we still do this?

Halo is awesome and fun as hell.

Killzone is awesome and fun as hell.


bakasora2530d ago

This is no brainer, reach isn't "Outstanding" in the graphics department, its just better than the previous Halo.

Socrates2530d ago

Each game has quite a distict graphical approach. I own both games and I can honestly say that they both look equally good.

All the fanboys saying Killzone 2 destroys Halo Reach are just silly, delusional fanboys. Even if you haven't played both games you can tell by the screenshots that the two games are essentially on par with one another.

plenty a tool2530d ago

compete with killzones in the graphics department??

gameplay is another matter though

jebabcock2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Halo can really be compared to star wars as far as cult followings go...

Halo 1 and maybe 2 could be considered great things that pushed the gameplay bar... neither ever really pushed any bar graphically though... halo 3 was extremely subpar... ODST was supposed to be just an addon, then MS decided to slap it on a disk and treated it like it was a full game, charged full price, and people still came in droves of millions to drink the koolaid..

Its just like the starwars movies.. Even though the last 3 were progressively more and more terrible, millions of cult followers still praised it and went and saw the movies numerous times..

As im not a huge halo fanboy(i do like the series) i probably won't rush out and get the game i will eventually borrow it from my bro-in-law who is( and has even read alot of the books..)

But thats the point, this game just has to be good enough to not tick off the cult following and any game with halo in the name will sell millions and be touted as the best thing since sliced bread...

If people tried to argue that odst looked better than kz2, do you really think that people wont argue the same thing with reach?? Thats why this is flamebait and why the first comment on here is correct... I honestly didn't really look closely at the comparisons and I don't care, never really played kz2, (language is really bad and I got small kids around normally)..

but the safe prediction here is that kz2 fans will say kz2 is way better and halo fans will say halo looks way better, just like ALMOST EVERY single comparison between such games...

My thought, let the people who enjoy halo enjoy halo, let the people who enjoy kz2 enjoy it, what does it matter how they compare? especially when halo has never been about graphics to begin with(or at least I hope it hasn't =P)... its really the only way everyone can win.

niceguywii602529d ago

Large case of denial all over the place in here.

FrankenLife2529d ago

Y'all are postin' in a Troll article. Oh shit, that's what I'm doing now. *runs*

paintsville2525d ago

Reach has an edge here. Killzone is just too brown and grey.

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SilentNegotiator2530d ago

Wow, Reach sure has a lot of motion blur.

How about some shots that aren't in motion? About 3/4 of those Killzone 2 shots are stationary, and basically all of the Reach pics are in motion so that the blur hides the lower res and lack of anti-aliasing.

BrianG2530d ago

I just looked at the pics, and if you played KZ2, you'll know that if your not running you still hold the gun up. So to assume that the pics aren't in motion, especially when there is motion blur in a few of them, is just wrong.

I played halo before, but I could easily argue that Halo shots were not in motion.

Microsoft Xbox 3602529d ago

It's really a landslide victory for K3. Heck, even K2 is leagues above Halo Reach.

heroprotagonist2529d ago

"Heck, even K2 is leagues above Halo Reach"

No it isn't. They both look good in their own ways. KZ2 isn't in any way leagues above Halo Reach. That's loony talk.

NewShadow1012529d ago

killzone 2 has motion blur too, and probably for the same reason. i beat killzone 2, xxmr.echoxx is the gamer tag if u dont believe me. but killzone 2 has horrible textures, but amazing lighting. the lighting is why it looks so good.

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RememberThe3572530d ago

If it wasn't for sensitive fanboys and trolls their would be such a thing as flame bait.

/Think about it.

boodybandit2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Most of them don't even read the articles they comment under.

-Alpha2530d ago

It's not flamebait, it's just utterly pointless. We know which one looks better, we don't need a comparison to "Duel" them against each other.

GodFather_872530d ago

... and still Killzone 2 wins. I haven't seen anything on console that looks more impressive than Killzone 2 according to FPS that has been released.