TGS 2010: Kinect Joyride Video Montage

Here is a montage video for the Xbox 360's Kinect Joyride from TGS 2010.

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NAGNEWS3007d ago

are you kidding me? Joyride? is that everything you got M$?

ndibu3007d ago

SDF Commander:Unwarranted troll comment...check
Blind Sony propaganda attitude...check
Nonsensical reasoning and conversation skills...check
Death threats in case things get bad...check
Pack mentality and sheepness. A SDF that agrees and disagrees together is a SDF that stays together...check
Raving mad foaming in the mouth rabidly...check.
Ok men, lock and load...
SDF members: yeah! Yeah! Woooooo! Oh yeah. Its nerd bashing time! Rock on! High totally turned too...after this lets all have a Move sex party orgy...hell yeah. Thats a manly idea, its totally not lame.

ndibu3007d ago

They have kinectimals, adventures, dance central, haunt, Codename D, project draco, Rise of nightmares, steel battalions and others but I'm sure you don't really care as long as its not Sony or move, it can't do right

Seijoru3007d ago

I think its more pathetic to defend Kinect, you should be rioting at MS to give us some actual games besides Reach and Gears 'cause all I foresee is stuff I can just pick up for PC anyways.

units3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

i find it hypocritical that they are those bashing on one motion control device and praising another

EVO-OM3GA3006d ago

It doesn't look that bad in addition to racing all the other modes seem interesting looks like I'm getting this

fooltheman3006d ago

I want to regulate my own speed though

Shaymin3004d ago

Sorry But Gran Turismo 5 is my main focus this November

So I wont have time to play shovleware