GT5 Videos: BMW Z4 in the Rain, Daytime La Sarthe, Karting in Rome, & More


The video may be in Italian, but you don’t have to speak the language to appreciate this interesting gameplay footage from TGS 2010. Check the time stamp references below so you catch all of the different clips:

0:25 -- GTbyCitroen Racing Car / La Sarthe, Night
1:07 -- Lotus / Madrid
1:34 -- BMW Z4 M Coupe / Eiger in Rain (must see)
2:13 -- GTbyCitroen Racing Car / La Sarthe, Day
3:36 -- Karting / Rome

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ndibu2922d ago

When there's a BMW involved. Stunning. The car and the video. *mumbles* the game as well

Bereaver2922d ago

So, if you don't see a BMW, you think GT5 sucks or at least there will be something bad to say?

Cevapi882922d ago

the troll needs some sex...that's all

cmrbe2922d ago

eww!. Trolls having sex

Why o why2922d ago

with an M5 exhaust....

anyway cant wait for this games release....all these videos are becoming annoying to the point where i tend not to click too often unless its a new features vid

sikbeta2921d ago

Trolls can't have sex, they don't have... you know what....


Beautiful as usual....

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El_Colombiano2922d ago

Please enlighten me. What is so bad about GT5?

Why o why2922d ago

on 360 not box X its

that's what i saw in his statement

Anti-Fanboyer2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I don't like your kind at all.

MurerDk2921d ago

bmw..?!! you dont need that for bringing pizza out ndibu. and you suck on driving anyway so we will be pleased if you not bying gt5.

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FishCake9T42922d ago

Why can no one drive? Stop put 11 year old NFS kids behind the wheel.

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RowSand2922d ago

here we are pro drivers just sitting in comment sectin watching bunch of noobs raping the game,,, i cant take it anymore.. where is NOV 2 ????


MGRogue20172922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

... Ahhhhh... Uuuuuuggghhhh... The pain!! :( omg, I want to play the game right now! >.<

SeanRL2922d ago

Go karting? lol, this game has everything 0_0

iPad2922d ago

Omg! The rain gameplay was fantastic. Now endurance races are gonna be much more epic. Starting at a beautiful sunny day, then it starts to get dark, the sky gets filled with black clouds, and BOOM! You're racing on an epic thundering night.

Narutone662922d ago

have to plan carefully what tire to use during the race. Make everybody see how complex an endurance race really are.

A Cupcake for Gabe2922d ago

The rain at night is so realistic it makes me shiver. the wet pavement, the drops of water, the subtle bits of mist as the tires burn through the puddles. This is to surreal for anyone to handle. The flood gates of heaven open November 2nd, and a lot o people will see the glory.

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The story is too old to be commented.