Ode to the Warhawk Public Beta -top beta testers names placed on Plane

Hey, all. Playstation.Blog wanted to extend KUDOS and our thanks to all the Warhawk Public Beta testers out there who contributed to tweaking and balancing the game so it truly becomes a game for the gamers - which is what Incognito's goal was all along, right Dylan?

With that said, as a nod to the top Public Beta testers and top Public Beta forum posters - take a close look at several of the Warhawks and Nemesis aircraft flying about, you'll find your names painted on the ships. Congrats. Regrettably we couldn't put all of your names down, but know that this was meant for all of you.


Top 5 testers (based on Team Points)

1. Click
2. Enebreated
3. Merovee
4. IComeInPeace
5. ArtemisBane

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SmokeyMcBear4107d ago

dude thats really cool of them, bet if people new about it, the servers would have been even more crazy... gah.. cant wait for this game.

Crazyglues4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Is if they also gave them a free copy of the game... As a thank you for being a beta-tester...

All beta-testers should have got a special edition warhawk copy as a free download with their special plane on their copy with the option to customize your plane. -now that would have been cool.

Ok, maybe that's a little much but what they did was pretty cool none the less.

EZCheez4107d ago

Signed cover art and Warhawk pin in the mail today! I felt like Ralphie in The Christmas Story when he got his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring. It really cool and I took a picture of it so I could hang it in my virtual house in home.

TheExecutive4107d ago

thats a great thank you and an awesome treat for those who worked so hard.

Schmitty074107d ago

That the devs would do that for them.

Rythrine4107d ago

Wasn't Merovee a member here? I thought I saw his name here before. Either way, can't wait for this game. A bluetooth headset + awesome game for $60 = hell of a deal. I already miss shooting down warhawks/nemesis with the stinger. So all those aces with the warhawk/nemesis out there, watch out for my stingers lolz.


Nobody need to get envy on those guys! If you want, buy the game and I can write your name in your wings for you... with bullet holes! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.