PlayStation Move Shows Promise Beyond Wii

Writing off PlayStation Move, Sony's new motion-control system for its powerful video game system, as a clone of Nintendo's Wii would be a mistake.

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Windex3005d ago

now can we move on?? no more Wii is good as Move BS.

just one video proves that Move >>>> Wii

Kamikaze1353005d ago

And since when have proof and good arguments shut fanboys up?

metsgaming3005d ago

facts just make fanboys worse. lol

shoddy3005d ago

how can pricision not better?

mikeslemonade3005d ago

The Move is simply better just because it's on PS3. Even if the Move was the exact same technology as on Wii, you would still get free online gaming, mature rated games, hd games, psn downloadable games, and hardcore games on PS3.

sikbeta3005d ago

Move is Far B3yond wii... wii is stuck with load shovelware crape everywhere and a bunch of good games to play, PlayStation Move is another Story, this device and its lineup will get better and better over the time and will appeal every person that wants to play with PlayStation Move....

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SkylineR3005d ago

Move might be newer and have better technology for better tracking, but do you honestly think the casual gamer, who this is targeted at, will give a crap about true 1:1 motion? Doubtful.

And do you honestly think Move will sell as much as Wii has? Very doubtful.

I've seen casual/non-gamers try Move, and they still "swing and hope for the best" when they play the games. True tracking means jack all at the end of the day for them.

SIX3005d ago

At first I thought the same, but after I got home and tried it. I realized that 1:1 movement actually makes a huge difference. when you make a swing movement and it responds accurately it becomes more fun because it involves you in the game. When you get a response that you feel you contributed to, it makes you want to continue. It's pretty much the same thing as in any game. When you are good at that game, it's because you feel you have control of it right? I realize now why MOVE is so good, and it's the same reason I like my hardcore games like MAG, and COD. It's because It makes me feel that I can win with my own skills, and it isn't by some fluke. I had my doubts, but 1:1 is really a big deal.

siliticx3005d ago

we just held a move party with 8 friends tonight. most of them have a wii.

3 of them are buying PS3s next week.

Folks, 400$ is not that much for quality engineering that lasts.

Redrum0593005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

FYI move isnt sapposed to be a casual-only devise, so get your trolling head out of your a**
its also aimed at the hardcore audience with hardcore games, and the hardcore do give a damn about 1:1 motion tracking.

SkylineR3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

So for giving my opinion on Move after I've actually tried it and watching people play it makes me a troll? Please!
Grow up and get over yourself buddy.

The fact is Move will be targeted at casuals. I never said Sony aren't making games for people like us or that we wouldn't buy it. Of course the hardcore games like SOCOM will probably show how good the tracking is with Move, but until then the current games are nothing but a demo of what Move can do. Just like Wii Sports is on the Wii.

Hideo_Kojima3005d ago

I dunno...

but they will give a crap about augmented reality...

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ThanatosDMC3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

It's amazing. My arm is sore for playing it in Fry's and then at home for 3hrs. The archery game is not working properly though or i may not be doing it properly.

The sword fighting game is awesome BUT they could still improve on the shield usage and gameplay. Stupid people in Fry's kept telling me to jump to do the jump attack but you actually just have to keep two Moves on top of your head to do it like it says in the screen. I use the fat guy wearing green. I dont like that i have to hold trigger to use the shield. Cant wait for the fist fighting game... forgot what it's called.

@ Morganfell, if you see this.

Ruse and Move dont mix. Played it with the Move just a little while ago. Better with mouse and keyboard but then again Ruse isnt a very hardcore RTS like COH or SC2. So meh...

moparful993005d ago

That fighting game you are reffering to is called the fight: lights out...

fooltheman3005d ago

If it's makes you point to low...then you're doing something wrong...^^
Is sometimes have it too

Jake11113005d ago

Just picked up Move yesterday. Played sports champions all night and tiger woods this morning. I also went back and played the old nintendo sports and some of the other sports game on the WII..

Move BLOWS the WII away. It is a 3D environment. It is like your hand is moving in 3D space. Completely love the experience so far. It is refreshing.

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bennygunner3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

its more accurate than the wii remote, hence it is the superior control. does not matter that it came out years later. whats matter is the performance. the wii and the move should not be in the same class at all.

Motorola3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

As long as it has the nintendo name on it, there will be some people that will just get it. no matter what the competition has. I like move better though

KwietStorm3005d ago

pretty much what you said.

Dance3005d ago

might be more accurate but software where nintendo has them

acedoh3005d ago

Really??? How is that so? I think SONY has already conquered Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort with Sports Champions. And on top of that they are offering a much more diverse collection of games that will implement motion control. By this time next year I think most who want motion control will be going with the Move. I am convinced. After playing Sports Champions this is the real deal.

Narutone663005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

about 90+% are shovelware. Which might also happens to Kinect in the future.

ActionBastard3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

What acedoh said. After playing Sports Champions, it is surprisingly good. I had more fun playing Volleyball against my daughter, than playing her in any game in Wii Sports/Resort. Nintendo is the Mario console for us. And the occasional Metroid or Zelda.

EDIT: PlayerX, you realize my opinion of games is more important to ME than Metacritic or reviews in general. SC is accurate as hell and fun. Eyepet is like a surreal trip to the Land of the Lost. Great fun too. My kids have all but forgotten the Wii.

PlayerX3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

You guys do realize that Wii Sports Resort is higher rated than any of these Move games so to say it's better is wrong. Find me a Move game with a higher average

@Action Bastard that's cool that you are liking it, but to deny the Wii has better games than the Move is foolish.

SkylineR3005d ago

@ acedoh
Sony has conquered Wii Sports have they? With the mediocre Sports Champions? Get your head on straight. SC is laughable with the games included. For a series of games that's meant to show what Move can do, I was hardly impressed. Instead all Sony did for me was show their "eXtreMe" face with the laughable production values for the games. Wii Sports does have a more "family friendly" look to it, but SC has the "extreme edge dude" by having the cliche muscle bound guys, "hot" girls and hip alternative characters. Something Sony likes to include in their games.

As for software, do you REALLY think you won't see shovelware on Move? Sure.
Wii does have a lot of it, so expect developers to port an "HD" version to Move. Its easy money.

Believe it or not, Move isn't targeted at you or me. It's targeted at the people that bought a Wii and it's shovelware games.

Jaces3005d ago

@Player X:

So we compare proven wii games to launch titles for MOVE? Give it some time and we'll start seeing more games like Sorcery that'll be charming us to no end.

Wii has maybe a couple good games, being zelda, mario, and metroid, but other than that it's shovelware. Who's to say Sony will go down the same road, they already have dozens of amazing games that are quite capable of using MOVE, Heavy Rain, RE5, Killzone 3, etc...

acedoh3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

that Wii Sports Resort has a higher rating? Have you played Sports Champions or just watched a video? Yes the characters are over the top. So what. I spent my wonderful Saturday evening playing table tennis. I am average at best. Although this game is so addictive that I was making myself a better player with the competition. The accuracy and feel of these games does not come close on the Wii. Of course with the Wii you can play with your Mii's which is cute. I am sure we will see further evolutions of games like Sports Champions. It's hard not to feel like you are playing the real sports with the accuracy and competition. That is where I can say the Wii will never come close.

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MGRogue20173005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

PS Move is definately more responsive than the Wii remote, I know that much.

Also, I watched some gameplay footage of some random japanese girl playing with Microsoft's Kinect.. And It didn't look "synced".. At one point in the video, she waved her arm & it toke more than 5-10 seconds for the system to pick up her movement = not good.

From what I've gathered from the many gamers on here who have bought PS Move.. it is extremely quick on response times.. & great fun. :)

In other words.. Buy PS Move! Not Kinect. :P

raztad3005d ago

+ More accurate and allows for 3D tracking.

I've been following people impressions on forums and the consensus is overwhelming positive toward the tech. People is having fun even with so called casual games like Sport Champions. Very promising indeed.

Why o why3005d ago

It should be bundled.

the table tennis is sweet as is the archery and gladiator. Ive not tested the rest thoroughly enough to vouch for or against them yet. Not perfect but definitely the best motion controller on the market.

jack_burt0n3005d ago

Ppl have to remember the same crap bias ps3 exclusives have suffered over the last 3 years still exists.

Note it down Tumble a game that costs $9.99 and is one of the biggest technical leaps I have ever seen in 25 years of gaming got 3/10 from IGN.

Fact is the technology is AAA and the lineup although aimed at being accessible is excellent it really is, all of it.

KwietStorm3005d ago

Tumble is the biggest technical leap you've seen in 25 years? The videos I've seen just look like a boring tech demo, yet I keep hearing these good things about it. Could you explain to me what's so special about the game?

FunAndGun3005d ago

@ KwietStorm

Because you have control of a 3d space and can move objects in the X, Y, and Z axis. technically it is very immersive because you are not just moving up and down, but forward and backward.

Just like building blocks when you were a kid, but in a virtual world. You really just have to experience it. I am not saying it is the most impressive game and the gameplay is a little slow, but the quality of the tech IS impressive.

Marceles3005d ago

When I first started up Tumble, the first thing I wanted to see was if I can throw a block all the way across the stage into the far background.

I grabbed, I threw, I conquered. Move is awesome.

garos823005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

i took the plunge and decided to become an early adopter of the move. bought sports champion thinking its just gonna be a "casual" experience and showcase of what my move will be capable of.
boy how wrong was i. sports champion is bloody fun to play and by no means is an easy game. i love the fact that you need skill (and physical stamina)to play it. the gladiator game got me thinking that if demon souls could get a patch for move it would be fantastic!

will probably pick up resi 5 to see how it fares also but tumble is another pleasant suprise for me.

bottom line move seems very promising to me and i see many hours of usage especially since i do see sony supporting it to the max!

edit @funandgun- couldnt agree more mate. tumble is a very impressive demo and is a slight glimpse of what the move is capable of.

himdeel3005d ago

...for early adopters of the Move. That game will give you the best sense of how precise the Move can be with shooters. It took me some time to get a feel for RE5 with Move but by chapter 3 and some tweaks to controler speed the Move is amazing. I am totally looking forward to some Killzone 3 with Move. Didn't think it possible but the Move could replace ds3 for certain games with me.

raztad3005d ago

@Why o why

I guess you mean EU, right? it comes bundled in the NA starter kit.


How you doing mate? nice to hear you are having a lot of fun. I havent had enough time to pick my bundle yet. Hope I can get it by Wednesday.

BTW I'm with you on an action RPG like DS using MOVE. That would be awesome, and not just for sword fighting but for using the arch, or spells. the possibilities are indeed there.


Do the tank controls improve noticeably with MOVE?

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Denethor_II3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

@Jacky B I agree. And Tumble is a blast. When you first take control and move your hand in and out of the screen/3D space, you get that same sort of feeling like when you first turned on your PS3. It may be a simple game but it's addictive and fun.
IGN's score is merely the opinion of person A. Person B would of certainly had a different view.

tiamat53005d ago

The Move is not a Wiimote. The sooner people get that through their heads the more enjoyable it will be. Ignore what the the haters, naysayers and fanboys, especially on this site. Sony worked on this for ten years and the quality shows. They improved on the Wiimote and that a good thing. Of course that doesn't mean we forget the Wiimote in gaming history. It obviously was a success in it's own right. I just wish everyone would stop calling the Move a Wii clone though. That really isn't a fair assessment.