Gaming Till Disconnected Review: Halo: Reach Single Player

I review the single player elements of Halo: Reach, looking at the campaign, Firefight, along with the other single player modes.

"Please note that before you go any further, if you have not yet completed Halo: Reach, you may not want to read through the whole review in case I spoil something for you. If you’re not bothered then read on; I hope I haven’t deterred some of you away!"

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ndibu2773d ago

Lol...really? Cos I would like to know how it lost those crucial 0.03 Why not just rate games out of 100 if you're gonna have to go to the 2nd decimal to give precise reviews?

Livin_in_a_box2773d ago


I do the decimal points because I always have, read it as 8.5 if you want.

deadreckoning6662772d ago

@ndibu- I don't know the difference..but fanboys do.

SilentNegotiator2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Fanboy. It's obviously not any better than an 8.66/10.

ndibu2773d ago

That is missing at least 0.0453 points. At least

gillri2773d ago

yeah its a 9, fantastic campaign beter than K2 and R2

Livin_in_a_box2772d ago

I just think it's too short.

talltony2772d ago

i cant get into the sp. I only like the mp. The graphics of kz2 pulled me in by immersing me. I give the sp a 7. Mp a 9

Arnon2772d ago

"The graphics of kz2 pulled me in by immersing me."

That's kinda sad. Whatever happened to liking the story of a game for it's story? Halo: Reach's story was fantastic, and was more engaging than any other Halo game I've played.

I'm not really sure how people can say that the ending to this game was written by a 14 year old, when God of War has one of the silliest endings I've experienced in a video game and was hailed to have an amazing story. My idiot friend could've written it.

Personally, I found the Halo series to be silly aside from a great multiplayer. It's story was epic at points and had some pretty neat set pieces, but the actual story felt bland at times. However, with Reach, it really turned my entire view of the franchise around. It really let you see why the UNSC were fighting so hard to stop the Covenant.


Kratos tries to find the ultimate power to take down Zeus. He retrieves Pandora's Box and opens it, only to discover that the box is empty. It turns out that the ultimate power was inside of him the whole time, and the power... was... hope *sob*.

talltony2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I just cant get into reaches story. I dnt know if it's because I am playing on legendary alone or what. And I am not saying killzones story is better either am just saying it had me more immersed than reach which made it more enjoy it more. Both are about space marines so it's not like one story is more generic than the other.

SaberEdge2772d ago

Isn't the campaign about as long as Killzone 2's campaign? They seemed about the same length to me. Certainly not enough to give one any real advantage over the other. I also just liked the characters and narrative of Halo Reach better.

Kyur4ThePain2772d ago

Why don't people just rate games as "Buy", "Rent" and "Pass". That's all a real gamer is interested in. Not 0.00267 differences.

aviator1892772d ago

that would be really awesome

Bathyj2772d ago

I finished it last night and am considering returning it.

It was good while it lasted but I dont know if I want to replay it.

To be honest I found the enemies kind of annoying, having to empty a clip into an elites head to get a kill. (played on heroic) I can only imagine legendary more frustrating.

Its a cheap way of uping the difficulty I think, I like a game where a headshot is a kill. Even the shielded grunts take 3 or 4 burst of fire to die. If you want to up the difficulty, add more enemies or make their tactics better, dont make their shields harder or your weapons weaker, thats a cop out.

Still the best Halo since the first one thou, but needs more levels like Halo and The Silent Cartographer.

KionicWarlord2222772d ago

Grunts take one shot to the head to kill them every time i shoot them with the dmr or magnum .

Bathyj2772d ago

Shielded Grunts? On Heroic?

Some elites take near a whole clip from the dmr (thats the scoped rifle right?) to the head just to knock their shield off. I know its for the extra challege but I just dont like it.

I prefer games to be like Rainbow 6, a quick burst to the chest or a single headsot will do it most times.

Its just my opinion so dont all you Halo junkies get upset.

KionicWarlord2222772d ago

Elites are pretty tough enemies with and without shields . But your right with shield`s the grunt takes more then one shot to the head .

Halo reach isn't shooting for realism .

It`s pretty obvious it isn't because you have a regenerating shield .

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