How does Red Faction do destruction so well?

CVG: Red Faction: Guerrilla's destruction engine is still the most impressive on PS3. But how did Volition go about developing the technology? The company's senior programmer Eric Arnold gives us some exclusive insight

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Grim_Fandango2984d ago

Nah--better on the PC I think because of the hardware you may have. Though strictly in the console world, the PS3 has the edge over the 360.

But to each his own, right?

ndibu2984d ago

I mean talk about trying to start a fire!! Are you hoping for agrees and bubbles?

BrianG2984d ago

I have to agree with you in some respect, after reading the article it seems like Grim's comment is really pointless and out of left field. Instead of commenting on the engines ability to depict destruction he starts comparing PC to consoles.

What he should of said is something specific that is better on PC engines compared to this games engines. At least then it would tie it to the article.

But I expected a video showing some awesome destruction in the article, I watched the one but didn't get that feeling of "holy crap, look at that destruction"

Kingdom Come2983d ago

Gets agrees on this site :/

moneygun22983d ago

you need to make it your mission to post walled comments like this. if we can catch people early enough like this when they are clearly just trying to give the slight bump with hopes of turning it into "lets turn this mother-fucker into worthless pointless ranting and raving argumentative nonsense, what were we talking about again fiasco" i think it would make n4g a less hostile zone. yes im serious

Bubbles sir,bubbles.

Game to game not to flame


MGRogue20172984d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Yes, It's all about that CELL processor & it's SPEs.

When developers utilise those SPEs, They can put all kinds of power-hungry stuff in their game like buildings collapsing around you while you are racing in real-time (e.g: Motorstorm Apocalypse) which is just awesome. :P

ndibu2983d ago

Where's Gohan when you need him to shut someone up?

rumplstilts2983d ago

Are you a real person? Stupidest comment showed up early in this thread :/

Pootangpie2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

is trying to say is I believe everyword sony says and btw my friend has it on PS3 I compared all 3 games PC 360 and PS3 and I can tell you one thing that is a flat out lie it's


and anti-aliasing is set to 2x on Xbox 360 and is not active at all on PS3.

writersblock2983d ago

Yes, the cell is amazing. But I highly doubt you have any idea how it and the SPE's work together and why it has the power it has

The cell isnt an infinite well of power like people want to think, it is multiple processors working through a single core that allows allocation of resources to multiple areas

It has a large edge on the 360's "regular" processor, but dont kid yourself into thinking it'll top something like an i7

spektical2983d ago

@ actullay it doesnt run on one core, it runs simultaneously on all the cores except for one... stop pulling lies out of ur a$$.

as for an i7, i agree there.. maybe an i5 seems right.

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Matthew942984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

red faction Guerilla was really good once i got round to it but the plot was boring, that god it had awesome destruction and the nano gun!

shaved head genero character takes down the evil baddie army

the characters were all so 2d except for the scavenger guys who were cool

have to say armageddon looks cool, hopefully the plot will be at least half as good as the combat this time

ELite_Ghost2983d ago

bought it for 5 bucks on steam, I haven't played more than 30 min of campaign.
Wreaking crew is cool tho :D

writersblock2983d ago

Individual pieces of buildings broke apart nicely/realistically

But as a whole, the buildings did no collapse properly. One could assume they were using better building materials in the future, but even after knocking out the 2/3 of a buildings base walls it wouldnt collapse in on itself like it should

GamerSciz2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The first could of Red Faction games allowed you to blow up holes in the ground and literally tunnel around rooms with enemies in them. It's always been known for destruction. This is why when making the latest one on Next-gen platforms they decided to write their own physics engine from scratch. They made it to where buildings had stress factors and in order to create a building in the game it had to be of proper engineering in order to not collapse upon itself. Check out the youtube clip below. This is why their destruction is so good. It's what they had in mind since game 1.

Proxy2983d ago

It's cool and all to come up with some elaborate scheme to blow up a building in just the right way that it falls on the enemies and kills them. But then you still have the quadrillion other enemies to deal which continuously spawn out of thin air. Also, at the end of the day no matter how clever or sneaky you are with your explosives, I can still cause more destruction with my sledge hammer.

They need to tone down the destruction IMO. Consider attempting to kill an enemy inside one of the multilayer buildings. Unless your carrying the weakest guns in the game it's impossible to kill the solder without destroying half the building in the process. It makes it so there is very little interior combat, as the house of cards falls over so quick you soon find yourself back on the surface fighting amongst the ruins of a dozen buildings.

2983d ago
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