Vindictus Servicing Only North America: IP Block in Place

TK-Nation goes to Nexon USA to request a formal statement about the ip-block in place.

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KratosGirI2771d ago


tknation2771d ago

I'm assuming you live outside of NA.

KratosGirI2771d ago

Middle East to be exact.

tknation2771d ago

... Yeah, well. In tht case, you'd be as disappointed as the rest of the staff here. We're 90% South-East Asian and all of us were looking forward to it.

Still, it's P2P and the servers are hosted in NA. The lag would be enormous. Even now, with the avalanche of people attempting to access via proxies, the server and the games are pretty much blowing up and falling over.

Let's hope Vindictus Europe is a little better about it.

KratosGirI2771d ago

I don't mind a European server since I used to play WoW and MS on EU servers, but for the love of God I don't want those to be IP locked too!

juniordee2770d ago

Um...Vindictus isn't least in NA it isn't.

PsERSONA2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

He means Peer 2 Peer I'm sure, which they are.

tknation2771d ago

Well. Again. We can only hope. I understand Nexon's motivations behind it all, however. I just wish it was announced more clearly. The disappointment i its public is very obvious.

Apotheosize2770d ago

/is enjoying Vindictus beta as we speak

outwar60102770d ago

this suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

midgard2292770d ago

lovin this game with my gf right now :)

anyone from NA need a beta key just message me :)

Chris3992770d ago

but it needs a male/ female option for all the classes. I'm not into ERPing or staring at digital breasts for kicks, so my choice of class (mage) is currently limited.

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