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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #24 Nick covers this week's latest news including the announcement of the real time weather for Gran Turismo 5 and events including the historical launch of Halo: Reach. Nick also talks about Sony's first party studios and what Microsoft could learn from their technique. Lastly, Nick closes it out with what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120042776d ago

I'm sure we all can dream of a compilation game of all Sony's first party characters.

mrv3212776d ago

I think code sharing is pretty common between them.

MariaHelFutura2776d ago

Sony makes the best choices when selecting the studios their gonna purchase. Like Polyphony, Media Molecule, Team Ico, Guerilla Games, Zipper and Naughty Dog. Just to name a few. The best thing is none of those studios make games that are even remotely similar. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

house2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

i always wanted sony to make a super smash brothers type game with there first party characters, like lets say sack boys fighting kratos sack boy would just make his weapon or just make a giant robot as a finishing move, imagine how cool that would be with all the sony first party and 3rd part characters as a fighting game that would rock!!!

dangert122775d ago

What i love about sony devs is something both ms and nintedo are missing,

Sony try the hardest to bring a quality game and try to push the 360 except bungie who i reckon do also but gears of war is on a multiplat engine there is no way it maxes out the xbox when the engine does comprimise
and nintendo i dont think i've played a online game as bad as brawl why is it so bad theres only for 2d players on screen and there is no excuse for mario,luigi,toad,toad i'ver but nintendo are good just poor with certain thing there online efforts are off putting when i has a wii i thought online was overated till i got an xbox the community was so friendly i thought people were pervets lol i played a game in lost planet got raped the geeza invited me back plugged in his mic and spoke to me like i had always knew him gave me sometips and then went away doing what he was doing i was like O_o how wierd but it was nice of him i enjoyed that about xbox live but ive found peace at psn of course xbox has a better community but ps3 has better games imo

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

PS3 is raising the bar with the valuable things it have more than other consoles.

I agree with Nick about Gran Turismo 5, it is like a Console itself, a masterpiece.

No one can touch it, is the biggest console game this year, not even LBP2, Halo Reach, ME2, GoW 3, HR, and others can touch this masterpiece that is Gran Turismo 5.

Motorola2776d ago

Your comment made me want the should send some of that to KB

RageAgainstTheMShine2775d ago

Japan's Game Development Problems... At Sony Too

It's been widely publicized that Japan's development studios have struggled with current-generation technology. Those that started development on the PS3 instead of the Xbox 360 were also a year late in getting started.

Yesterday, The Last Guardian director Fumito Ueda >talked openly about how the team had changed its development structure. The game will have been in development for six years by the time it releases in late 2011.

"Team Ico spends four years to make one game, and I was calling them 'Olympic', but this time they need six years, so they shifted from Summer Olympics to Winter Olympics," joked Yoshida. But he was clearly a bit disappointed to talk about the delays that important first-party game, and the Polyphony Digital-developed Gran Turismo 5 have both seen.

The situation is improving, however. "Most of [Japanese development] companies' themes is to take in some of the methods used outside Japan to make development more organized and a bit more predictable... Teams are learning," and adopting techniques like Agile development, says Yoshida.

He said the experiences of these two teams are not unusual "in relative terms" to other studios, though he cited the independent Insomniac (which has developed many important games for Sony) and owned studio Naughty Dog as major exceptions, hitting PS3 launch (Resistance) and year two (Uncharted) respectively.

"We encourage these studios to have inter-studio conversations across our teams... Japan Studio management invited our teams from Europe Studio and America Studio teams -- [for the Japanese] to learn things that are happening in the West and taking in seriously those methodologies," says Yoshida.

He also says that Sony's Japanese teams have, this generation, been much more willing to take advantage of the company's Western-developed central technology group's offerings

See the team work guys?

*Taken fro Gamasutra interview

PlayerX2776d ago

It will truly be a shame when it doesn't win Game of the Year.

raztad2776d ago

I fully agree about GT5. Game accurately represents Sony PS brand. It wasnt rushed, to despair of its biggest fans and joy of the haters; on the contrary, it got a lot of high quality and polished content, and its visuals are beyond anything offered by the competence. Yeah GT5 is synonymous with PS3.

That said, the happy new member of the family: LBP, brings a lot to the table, and its a genre by itself. I wouldnt mind if it scores GoTY.

CellularDivinization2776d ago

I fully respect your opinion about GT5, even though its extremely hard to control your car, but praising the casual LBP like that... just makes me question the future of gaming.

raztad2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

dont get you. LBP can be very casual if you just play a couple of levels but can be very hardcore if you got a creative mind.

It is Play.Create.Share, come on. LBP brought millions of user made levels to the table and LBP2 will rise the bar in terms what can be done with a much more powerful toolset.

BTW, I just learned a cell weights roughly 0.0000000000000000001 grams

CellularDivinization2775d ago

Wow, its like youve fully convinced yourself LBP is hardcore. You repeat the same phrase, "Its Play. Create. Share. Of course its hardcore." Its like, you are fully sure its hardcore because of its advertising slogan. Get your own opinion, be a shepherd, not a sheep.

Focker-4202776d ago

Its one big happy family. Sony are the grandparents, the developers are our parents, and we are the grandchildren that get showered with more gifts than we can handle.

redDevil872776d ago

And the family is only going to get bigger and better :D

redDevil872776d ago

And you'll have less and less bubbles

sashimi2776d ago

Red he doesn't care...he'll just go make another account if he doesn't have one already.

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