Shadow of the Colossus - Second HD Gallery

This is the second gallery of Shadow of the Colossus, emulated in HD. This specific gallery is a series during the journey and fight with the Third Colossus. Many more to come!

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Bumpmapping2775d ago

Cannot wait to replay these classic on my PS3.

-Judge_Fudge2775d ago

me too, i missed out on these when i had my PS2 becasue i was onto more of the DBZ games and final fantasy 10-12

MariaHelFutura2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I`ve already replayed these classics on my PS3, I can`t wait to play them in HD.

Weaksauce11382775d ago

Looks like they didnt do texture work but just upped the resolution, makes for a slightly crisper looking PS2 game but GoW collection looked amazing (besides cutscenes). Im kind of unimpressed. Still buying though, just not amazed.

ArtsyGamer2775d ago

These aren't from the collection, they are just emulated in HD on a PC. So it really is just upped resolution. It is beautiful though, can't wait to see the collection.

Strange_Evil2775d ago

The textures are being redone as per the developers comment which will be nice since as good as GOW collection looked, the low res textures really irked...

KratosGirI2775d ago

I hope it runs at 60fps!

-Alpha2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

They confirmed 30 FPS, but most importantly Shadow of the Colossus will run without the issues that the PS2 hardware gave it-- basically framerate issues will be absolved.

You still can't beat the classic, I adore my original PS2 Shadow of the Colossus, but HD with trophies is going to be a real treat. I just want to preach this game to all who missed it, I can't explain how much this needs to be played.

colonel1792775d ago

It has been confirmed that they will run at locked 30fps

IneedWeed2775d ago

Glad they're remaking since I never even heard of these games till recently. I'm just reading that these games are really what made the PS2. Can't wait to see what I've been missing. So Last Gaurdian is the 3rd sequel to these games right?

Strange_Evil2775d ago

All the games are independent... SOTC is considered a spiritual successor to ICO but not a full fledge... TLG will be an independent game as well, but it will take traits from the previous games..

SOTC was my favorite PS2 game along with GOW.. I love mythological references in games. SOTC was the best looking PS2 game (although the thing chugged at 20FPS throughout).. The art style is simply amazing, no wonder the entire world eagerly awaits TLG... Haven't played ICO, so looking forward to that.

cranium2775d ago

Have you played MGS3? I own both MGS3 and SotC and I'm pretty sure MGS3 has better graphics. Unless by "best looking PS2 game" you meant best art direction or most engrossing, in which case I completely agree with you.

Strange_Evil2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

^^ Ya MGS3 was also great looking, but SOTC is the most technically impressive game on the PS2... Here is what Digital foundry had to say...

"The engineers produced a close emulation of HDR lighting, tone-mapping and motion blur (including per-object - wow!). Astonishingly the SCE team even mimicked something approximating the look of the kind of fur pixel shaders seen in PS3 titles like LittleBigPlanet. Programmable pixel shaders were still in their infancy when Shadow of the Colossus was produced, and the PS2 hardware itself offers no support for them, so the inclusion of an equivalent effect within the game was all the more phenomenal."

Article link-->

The scale of the game was phenomenal compared to MGS3. It's like comparing GOW3 to UC2.. UC2 looks better in some cases, but under the hood GOW3 is more technically impressive as it maintains a higher framerate and larger scale...

However all the above bells and whistles came at a cost since the avg frame rate of the game was only 15-20FPS.. Horrific compared to current games (even PS2 games since most ran at 60 those days..) Just shows how impressive the tech even at that time was that it literally brought the PS2 to it's knees.... That is why playing this at a locked 30FPS will be awesome.

cranium2775d ago

Hmm interesting stuff. Thanks for the link. However, this is how I see it: SotC is definitely a greater technical achievement, while MGS3 is more pleasing to look at. I can never get over how good the character models look for a PS2 game. The only thing that I didn't find to be on par with everything else was the fire effects. IIRC they were 2d and made the framerate slow down considerably. The whole battle with The Fury happened in slo mo because of it.
Now that you mention it, I was always very impressed with the fur on the colossi the most in SotC. It just looked so damn good for it's time and age.

2775d ago
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