Gamenoob: Worms: Reloaded Review

Worms goes back very far, all the way back to 1995. This year, Worms celebrated 15 years, which is a huge achievement for Team17. Worms: Reloaded is the latest game in the Worms series, and updates the graphics and gameplay immensely since the very first game. The game is basically an expanded edition PC drop of the Xbox Live Arcade game, Worms 2: Armageddon.

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I dont really agree with this review. I think this game deserves at least an 8/10.
The only real problem I saw while playing this game was that the AI was incredibly inconsistant. Some matches they can be super accurate with a rocket launcher/grenade to a point where you just lose hope of beating those jerks. But in other situations, they just commit suicide by jumping into the water or by using the drill to plummit straight down. Then your just like "why did I even bother".

But, if you can just get past that problem, then its an extremely fun game and worth the money.

BTW, its definetly not catered only toward kids like the article said.

8/10 for me.