Gamespot's Review For Bioshock On Xbox 360

Gamespot has just reveiwed the Xbox 360 version of Bioshock.

The Good
Absolutely amazing atmosphere and visual design with the technical prowess to back it all up Lots of character customization options to play around with Great voice cast really sells the storyline.

The Bad
Annoying hitches cause the game to freeze for a few seconds at a time, but it only seems to start happening after playing the game for several hours Lack of death penalty keeps things fun, but also keeps things a little too easy.


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boodybandit3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I hope the bad is just Gamespot having a 360 about to go belly up on them and this isn't really the game having trouble itself.

But the visuals aren't without flaw--the game has an annoying seizure problem that almost looks like a correctable bug. On some consoles, the game hitches up and totally freezes for anywhere from one to five seconds at a time, then proceeds as if nothing happened. It doesn't seem to be tied to any particularly noteworthy parts of the game, and it happened only after playing the game for hours; but once it started, it didn't stop happening--even after we began an all-new game--and it can freeze up two or three times a minute. It's not the end of the world, but it's extremely frustrating and one of the few knocks this game has against it.

Is this the first anyone has heard of this?
Bad 360 or did Gamespot just go deeper into the game then most other reviewers?

Can someone explain to me what I wrote that warrants a disagree?
I am picking up the game myself in the morning and I was just asking a question. I didn't say anything negative about Bioshock ir disagreeable.
Again WTH!?

ShiftyLookingCow3954d ago

I am guessing bad 360(its more probable)

Xbox 360 Will3954d ago

the 360 has some developing problems of its own! They should have delayed this till it was fixed. And 9.0 lowest score yet.

Ri0tSquad3954d ago

The glitches were probaly from a crap xbox 360 but I have to agree with the never dying crap. Still should have got at least a 9.5/10

midas7773954d ago

In a word... not sure what they are comparing to... no issues to date with this game, seizing or otherwise, the game flows, the game innovates, the game breathes... it really is a pleasure to play something so different.. it is not your standard fps, it makes you think, observe, like you would in a real world scenario, limited ammo, limited powers, very unique.. and it can all be done multiple different ways through different playthroughs... I was fortunate to get the early copy and color me impressed... the mags that are rating perfect or near perfect are more close to it, you need to measure this game against what is out there.. in truth, H3, Mass Effect, etc have something to measure up to with this game, I am sure they will be awesome.. my consensus... 9.8 and that is because you always strive for perfection, this game is intense, thought-provoking and fun all in one... enjoy!

Kleptic3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

agreed...I would hope they tried the game on several 360s just to make sure it wasn't the single box they were on...

their new rating system is good at times (keeps things more comparable to one another)...but in some cases can be too vague...this seems to be one of those cases...

by the new rating system...this makes Bioshock identical to R6 Vegas for the PS3...a decent port...and a decent game...I guess which gets a high score because of its online depth...Bioshock is a game that I would much rather play at this point, but that is a matter of opinion...some people may like tactical stuff more...

so if anything thats something to point is pretty tough these days for a FPS to get a high score without huge amounts of online content...

eXplotion3954d ago

xbots were hyping this game AAAA on gamespot LOL sry to break your hearts...

dont get me wrong apparently its a great game...

nasim3954d ago


an FPS without those features are simply unacceptable in this era.

It has a very small scale too.The graphics are good but not extraordinary

BIO should have got at best 8.0

BLUR1113954d ago

who cares what gamespot says , bioshock will be amazing!

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ash_divine3954d ago

didn't I read people on this very site saying wait for official reviews? now that this game isn't getting "perfect score" after "perfect score" I guess those people will be taking those words back.

Eternal E 8083954d ago

speak for your console because it makes you look stupid.

tplarkin73954d ago

It is getting "perfect score after perfect score". Did you see There are at least 5 perfect scores. No game gets 100% from every reviewer. Jeff's issue was with the freezing at times. I hope this was a fluke for him.

Lakuspakus3954d ago

If this isnt perfect scores then suck my girlfriends toothbrush!

b777conehead3954d ago

plus there blameing the x box 360 the reviwers were useing. im sure they knew there box was good

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Naruto3954d ago

That's the lowest score yet

ngg123453954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

This is the only site I go to for reviews (most rabid fanboys hate it, for giving hyped games low scores, because they didn't meet the expectations). I have this game on pre-order, but from the demo it by no means was greater then half life 2. The average scores are a little inflated right now, will get down where it belongs at around a 93 % average. I will get alot of disagrees for saying my opinion though :(.

WafflesID3954d ago

you cant possibly judge a game of this depth off of a 20 minute demo...

Half-Life 2 is unequalled in my eyes, don't get me wrong, but I think this is the first game to come along to give it a run for it's money, even surpass it.

Blasphemy3954d ago

Sorry about the spelling mistakes i was trying to correct them but it got approved to fast.