NonsenseGamer - The 5 Greatest Video Game Pirates

Mat Growcott of NonsenseGamer writes:

'To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow, I thought I’d take a brief look back at some of the mightiest swashbucklers to ever sail the virtual seven seas. I’m also going to try to avoid trying to type in a pirate voice, given the over abundance of it that we all know is coming tomorrow in the spirit of ‘joining in’.

While the highly fictionalised version of pirates that floods our brains when we think about the word may not be great for history, it’s fantastic for videogames. From Secret of Monkey Island to Sid Meier’s Pirates!, developers have been blowing down gamers for years and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.'

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RonRico2984d ago

Worst article ever. LOL

matgrowcott2984d ago

Thanks =D

The important thing is you clicked and read it thoroughly.