GamePro dramatically changes the way they do magazine reviews

Magazines may be going the way of the dodo, but classic publication Gamepro is changing things up with a little help from Raptr.

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ObsidianSpire2642d ago

Never read gamepro, but it seems like an interesting take on reviews.

poison_shadow2642d ago

Huh. Now I'm actually interested in picking up an issue of Gamepro. GameInformer is the only magazine I ever subscribed to, and that hasn't been for three years now.

domo3252642d ago

I I'm in the minority who reads Gamepro mags and actually enjoys it. Good to see Raptr get involved.

icemankartel2642d ago

i love gamepro reviews, they do a great job, its a shame that gameinformer is more popular.

RedPawn2641d ago

That's why I miss PLAY MAGAZINE.

bastiartadi2642d ago

Can't we just find these "statistics" online? Unless its raptr has a for GamePro's eyes only or something similar to that, I'm pretty sure we can easily find it.

mokmoof2641d ago

Anything to get you to buy into their obsolete medium. :P

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