What Classic Edutainment Titles Failed To Teach Us

With a belief that learning should be fun (and that fun should be work) the marriage of education and gaming dates back to the earliest days of the technology. Let's take a look back at some of the games that defined the genre, and remember all the valuable things we learned along the way.

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ObsidianSpire2833d ago

Lol, I love oregon trail, but it really did teach me nothing. All these game were just pretend education. :S

poison_shadow2832d ago

Ah, someday I'll have to play Oregon Trail. I've heard so much crap about it, I've always been interested.

domo3252832d ago

Ditto with needing to play Oregon Trail. Remake anyone?

chickenbutt2832d ago

In my opinion, the remakes aren't as great. It doesn't feel the same as the older ones and I got bored of it easily.

mokmoof2832d ago

What we need is not a remake so much as a GRITTY REBOOT.

icemankartel2832d ago

heh heh yeah educational games tried but definitely failed. Oregon Trail, as stated is probably the most successful though.

bastiartadi2832d ago

There's an Oregon Trail remake on the iTouch! As far as I'm concerned, I didn't enjoy it. I guess it was awesome for its day but even with the enhanced graphics, the gameplay is just repetitive.

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