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PhilipLarkin2984d ago

Scott Pilgim vs. The World – 9.0


NecrumSlavery2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Scott Pilgrim is one of my favorite downloadable games. It's no less than an 8.5 IMHO

Plus its a 12-15 hour game at $10....Limbo is $15 and only 3 hours..just saying.

chazjamie2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

i tried the demo. i enjoyed it, however i was very sad that it came to an end. kind of missed my old school platformers. so i searched on lbp for scott. but nah, wasnt impressive.

sorry for the sarcasm, but this was one in a life time chance to use plasmastation as a reference (and not halo related).

-Mezzo-2984d ago

it is an amazing game, you should definitely buy it if you haven't.

PhilipLarkin2984d ago

I've only seen a slew of 7s. Thanks guys, might check this out now.

meganick2984d ago

There should be a demo. You can try that and see if you like it.

DatNJDom812984d ago

Metroid Other M is WAAAAAAAY better than halozzz reachzzzz. The only thing reachzzzzz has on Other M is the multiplayer. That's it.

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LittleBigSackboyPS32984d ago

It's awesome, kinda similar to Castle Crashers another great game.

Xander-RKoS2984d ago

No surprise at the Other M score. God GameInformer is predictable.

MGRogue20172984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I'm sorry.. but Halo: Reach does not deserve that 9.5.

It should be a.. Ummmmm, Let's see.. A 8.0 / 8.5 at best because it's quite similar to Halo 3 & only slight minor additions were added to this sequel.

I mean, Take the armor customization for an example.. it's all a load of rubbish, It's only there for show, doesn't actually really do anything. It's just been put there to add some sort of value to the game.

And there's no actual skill involved when playing the game, Just run 'round the map spraying your gun.. & get lucky when you backstab some poor sap.. You don't even have the ability to aim, ffs.. Gets boring really fast.

iagainsti1202984d ago

Yes Halo reach does deserve that 9.5, its one of the best games iv played this year, imo it has destroyed kz2 in features and just generally more fun than KZ2. The only thing that Kz2 has over Reach is graphics and even then it not by much(although KZ3 destroys both with graphics).
Yes i do have a Ps3 yes i do own KZ2.

Halo Reach is also one of the most polished feeling game i have ever played besides UC2 but im not going to compare that to halo, 2 completely different types of games.

Jack-Pyro2984d ago

^What a pointless reply to a pointless comment


StylizedPlayer2983d ago

I think you're lost. No one ever compared this game to a game that came out 2 years agoe. Reach is good but not deserving of a 9.5.

Jack-Pyro2984d ago

Yes because adding cosmetic armor OPTIONS is a bad thing, god damn Bungie for giving me a choice in doing something!

Besides Reach is about as far away from 3 as you can get, it's a lot more like 1, or ODST.

Enkei, Your not allowed to review a game and give it a score unless you played it, and I highly doubt you have.

On a side note, As good as Starcraft 2 is, without LAN support, I can't give it a 10, don't get me wrong it's still definitely a 9/9.5, but that one feature kinda brings it down for me.

BeOneWithTheGun2984d ago

The fights are a lot larger and a lot more vehicles are available. The MP/Coop is insane. Firefight, Forge; map after map available at launch. Bungie really did a great job and this game does deserve really high marks. I bought the slim for 3 reasons. Halo, Fable and Gears. Halo exceeded my expectations. I hope Fable and Gears do as well.

jetlian2983d ago

you telling me none of the guns has aim? what about the pistol, snipers, semi auto. i will agree on the armor it does bring nothing to the table. But halo is all about the skill!! problem with most game a person whos level 70 has everything over a newcomer!!! By not giving armor extras it keeps the game even.

the fact it takes longer than 1/10 a second to kill makes it more complex than most shooters.

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GuruStarr782984d ago

Metroid other M deserved a lot higher too.

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