Player Affinity: What Is Your Gaming Setup?

The Xbox Team at Player Affinity wrote: "Our “gaming setups” are cherished things. We groom them and add pretty little accessories to make them look better. Below are your favorite Xbox Team member’s setups topped with some text explaining them. Don’t just read, though! Comment with pictures of your setup! And describe some things about it if you want."

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KinivingReviving3011d ago

Love it.

I have a fairly normal setup, 40 inch TV, topped with my Xbox and PS3.

Montrealien3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

My quaint little set up "old photos" I cant wait till we move into our new house though, I will have a whole basement to myself! I can post shots of my new computer gaming room later, with my 32" Samsung Flat Screen Cathode ray tube TV for PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast and my various 8bit/16bit consoles.

guitarded773011d ago

Living Room 42" Samsung LCD with PS2 and Wii both running color stream.

Bedroom 32" Toshiba LCD with Backward comp PS3 and XBOX 360 running HDMI and Compaq tower running to TV.

I keep the gaming set-up in the bedroom 'cause everyone watches TV in the living room.

BulletToothtony3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

52" Samsung 1080p LNT-5265F Old i know and worst i paid $2300 back in the day still great image thou.

7.1 Onkyo SRT-606 (around $300 now a days) Surround with DTS-HD and TRUEHD (Onkyo speakers SKS-HT540) Cheap and GREAT and i mean GREAT speakers for the price.. cost around $200 and they sound amazing.(great reviews on them)

Ps3 with 500gb and around 150 hd movies between that and my iMac.

iMac i7 where i play starcraft 2 and steam. i use PS3 Media Server 1TB external HDD thru firewire 800 with even more movies and 2 ikea tables for the tv stand..

oh yeah and back lighting for the tv.. u guys have no idea how important back lighting is for playing late at night.. helps your eyes so they don't hurt after hours of gaming..

and yes these kinda setups help you own so much when u play fps games.. u see people from farther away and you also know exactly where they coming from when someone is trying to knife you, i have killed hundreds of people because they don't realize i know where they're coming from when they're trying to knife me.. totally worth the investment..

moneygun23011d ago

42" Toshiba Regza wall mount, PS3, 360 total time 4 years, with wii and 27" Dynex in bedroom. Yes they stay banished from main room haha. Game all day.

Game to game not to flame.

Enate3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


PS3 60gb above the t.v.
32inch vizio
AMD 955 Black Edition @ 3.2ghz till I get the Zalman 9900.
GTX 275
4gb DDR3 OCZ ram @1600mhz

Sarcasm3011d ago

Some things they need to learn is wire management and organization.

But I guess it's not about what looks the best, but whatever works for us as individuals.

As for me:

46" Samsung LN46A750
PS3 120gb Slim
360 Arcade with 20gb HDD
Yamaha RT something something 7.1 receiver with Definitive Technology Speakers

For the PC it's
AMD Phenom II X4 965BE OC'd to 3.7ghz (stock HS)
Nvidia GTX465
Windows 7 Home Premium

Zeal0t3011d ago

TV: Samsung UE46C8790 3D LED
AVR: Denon AVR-2310
Consoles: PS3 Slim 120gb, Xbox 360 Slim 250gb (Halo Reach Limited Edition)
Speaker: Canton Chrono SL 590 (fronts), Canton Chrono SL 555 (center), Canton Sub 80 (subwoofer), Canton CD10 (rears) <- everything except the CD10 in Highgloss White

Everything is connected via HDMI

Sometime next year i'm going to get a 3D FULLHD Beamer for my setup

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RagingCajun3011d ago

With me, it's my TV then out beside it I have my three consoles. On the other side of the TV is where all my games are stationed.

Good article!

Cloudberry3011d ago

32 inch standard TV, with PS2, PS3, & 360 side by side & all on vertical stand on top of my glass table.

That's it.

Grim_Fandango3011d ago

But why?

I hate my setup--too inconvient... and top that I don't have an HDTV, I feel so unhip :P

TheGamerGeek3011d ago

Haha, but once you do get one, it's so beautiful!

Cloudberry3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I gotta say...

His purchase truly defined when I played God Of War 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, etc, with his setup.

A night & day difference compared to my old SDTV.


The money is not what I have right now.

Nor I don't need it yet.

Grim_Fandango3011d ago

... you're making me jealous! :(

ActionBastard3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Family room: 65in 3D Mitisubishi, PS3 w/ Move, 360
Den: 46in Bravia, Wii

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