Did You Purchase The PlayStation Move?

PlatformNation: So did you take the plunge and grab up the newest addition to the PlayStation 3? If you did and you purchased all the accessories it set you back a few dollars as you already know, but what if you are still on the fence about the Move and are thinking about purchasing it for a loved one for Christmas or their birthday and you are wondering how much will this all set you back? Have no fear as I have compiled what you will need to get started and included the cost for some of the extra’s you may want

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A Cupcake for Gabe2928d ago

Yup plus another Move and EyePet. I'll get a Nav when I pick up some more action and shooters for it

Anton Chigurh2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They should buy Teensy++ before M0ve. I just find Teensy++ is a better [email protected] than M0ve.

Don't worry guys I'm sure $ony will release some games for Hardcore gamers.

rockleex2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

For the PS Move.

Man... and I was planning on getting Move. :(

Elimin82928d ago

There are Shakers, Movers and, well, Those who can't quite Kinect.

I'm a MOVEr, are You??!..

My 2Cents......

avengers19782928d ago

Yes, and so far it's been pretty sweet. I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought.
And that Demo disc they gave out has a ton of crap on it, very cool to check out the other stuff.

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Motorola2928d ago

idk y i got a disagree. So you disagree with me owning it? So whats that box that says Playstation Move next to my ps3....

iamnsuperman2927d ago

I know it happened to me. May be some people need to listen in school and understand the word Disagree.

RageAgainstTheMShine2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

We got the Sports Champion Bundle @ $100 + 1 extra Move Controller @ $50 = $150.

Thats all we needed to enjoy multi player experience using move.

1 Move Controller $50
1 PlayStation Eye $40
1 Sports Champion $40
1 Move Controller $50
Total $180

That's $30 SAVINGS!

We have tons of USB cables & 2 DualShock 3s, thank you. No need for the charging station or Navigation Controller.

Plus most Move games are at $40! That is in expensive fun!

But for the full mature Move experience we just can't wait for GT5, LBP2, Killzone 3, Sorcery, SOCOM 4 Special Forces, Heavy Rain, inFamous 2, Metal Gear Rizing, Ni No Kuni, & more.

caffman2928d ago

but in the UK with the starter pack we got ripped off. And Eyepet was released in the UK last year. Is there going to be a move patch for it?

Vip3r2928d ago

There is a patch for Eye pet on the PS store.

NecrumSlavery2928d ago

there is one for free on psn man

ArchangelMike2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I got 2 x Move Controllers, 1 x Nav Controller, Sports Champions (4me and the wife) + Start the Party (4the kids).

Loving Sports Champions, and the kids are falling all over Start The Party in hysterics.

Great purchase all round, I highly recommend it!!!

siliticx2928d ago

I bought the exact same stuff O_O
and i gotta agree. Best purchase ive done in a WHILE!

-Alpha2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Damn, how could you afford all that??

I find all my purchases goes towards picking up a game and I can't seem to schedule in the right time to buy a Move. I'll have to continue waiting, though I'm ravaging the internet for "Win a Move" contests :P

Silly Mammo2928d ago

Yup! We really liked the archery and bocce games. My wife and I had some pretty competitive bocce matches last night. Though it could have been due to all the drinking. ;)

FanboysWillHateMe2928d ago

Everyone on here seems to be married with kids.

raztad2928d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if it is around 25+, close to 30. Besides the typical multi account troll (probably 12 years kids), I can tell many here have a job.

Checkmate2928d ago

could use more mature users here if you ask me.

8-bit2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah I bought the move last night with a nav, Sport Champions and RE5. It is pretty cool so far, really accurate and I don't notice any lag. By the way, I am 25.

By the way what is with all of the disagrees by people who obviously haven't tried the Move?

Why o why2928d ago

minus start the party. Played the demo with the other half n kids and they liked it. Might scoop it from asda b4 they close

Wh15ky2928d ago

I got 2 Moves, a Nav, RE5 Gold and Sports Champions.
Sports Champions is fantastic. What a brilliant collection of games. Bocce (which I was in no way familiar with before playing it with Move) and Disc Golf are fantastic, especially in multiplayer. Table Tennis and the Gladiator game are amazingly responsive and therefore very engrossing. The Archery is great fun (particularily with 2 Moves) and even Beach Volleyball which is, IMO, the weakest of the bunch is still better than each of the games on Wii Sports, except maybe for Wii Bowling.

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blusoops2928d ago

i got it's awesome

played archery for about 2 hours straight with my brother....what a work out lol

Why o why2928d ago

ive only got 2 moves and we were doing multiplayer. My right arm is feeling it. real life archer must take the piss

GuruStarr782928d ago

bought mine, but i won't get it for a few more days....

MikeGdaGod2928d ago

I'm here in Chicago and can't find them anywhere

8-bit2928d ago

I got the last one when I bought mine. They are selling out. I need another move controller for multiplayer and I can't find one anywhere.

Disagrees seem to be coming from kinect fanbots

tinybigman2928d ago

happy for ya as im sure others here are

BX812928d ago

Didn't even know it was out yet! Can anyone PM the best deal and some good games for it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yes, PS Move is the next Generation of Motion Gaming.

gamer81792928d ago

If the ps move is the next Gneration of Motion Gaming then count me out

shoddy2928d ago

have lotta fun with the kids.

don't have the Wii.

callahan092928d ago

I did. So far I'm impressed with the device. I haven't played Sports Champions yet, but I really think it'll be what makes this thing worth the money for me. Maybe RUSE implements the controls well but I tried the demo and I felt it needed a significantly more detailed tutorial. I was completely lost the entire time. There was practically no tutorial whatsoever on how to control the game, and everything just seemed completely over my head. That's not move's fault. The controller seemed to work perfectly for the game, I just had no clue what the controls actually *were*, and thus I kind of hated the game. Am I missing something with this one? I just could not figure out how to play the damn game.

I downloaded the Planet MiniGolf demo (again) because they put it in the PlayStation Move Demos category on the store. I was disappointed when I go to play it and it says "Move controls are not accessible in this demo." Well, thanks for that, ya bums.

EyePet was really cute. Girlfriend seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I was about to try the MAG beta with it, but you can't play on the weekend, which really sucks. But I hope it's fun.

Tumble was the best of the bunch for me in terms of being able to test out how well the controls work. It's impressive, to be sure, going into the screen in 3D with the controller, having it replicate your movements perfectly. But the game itself? I hated it. It was EXTREMELY frustrating. I had trouble getting gold on the first (non-tutorial) level. I couldn't even beat the second tower-building level at all after numerous attempts. The game is just way too tough, so I will not buy it.

So as of right now, the only enjoyment I've gotten out of it was seeing the impressive control tracking in Tumble, and seeing some cuteness with Eyepet.

I hope the games get better from here. I kind of want to try Start the Party, actually. The little bits of EyePet that are similar to Start the Party's minigames were actually kind of fun in a simple way. Start the Party might be a lot of fun to play with the girlfriend, too. I'll think about it...

tinybigman2928d ago

wanted to buy mine this week but bills had to come first :(

next month the move will be purchased.

Patrick2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

My wife went to best buy yesterday right when they opened and bought 1 move bundle w/ Sports champions, 3 extra move controllers, 2 navs, Eyepet (for my 2 kids), Start the Party, and Aragons Quest, also bought Tumble online. We stayed up till 2 in the morning playing and got up today and started playing.. We LOVE it. I love sports champions.. the precision is unmatched. Gotta go play.

tinybigman2927d ago

i'm jealous of you right now.

jack_burt0n2927d ago

Everyone is so impressed, seriously when people get to try an evcent on sports champions and it hits them how good it is ppl are hooked.

And for all the kung fu rider hating, that is the ultimate drunked party game genuinely crazy game and alot of fun. Make sure you use a real office chair to sit on backwards LOL.

Tumble and echochrome 2 will convert any sceptics too.

This tech was worth waiting for, redefines motion gaming

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HeroXIV2928d ago

Yes I did.

Buying Sports Champions full version in 10 minutes. :)

BYE2928d ago

Wow. The disagreer probably isn't aware that Sports Champions is only bundled in the US.

Anton Chigurh2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I bought Teensy++ to [email protected] my PS3 But I'll get Move very soon :)

Motorola2928d ago

U just stealth edited. FAIL

iamnsuperman2928d ago

You just completely changed your post (well the end anyway)