What is Hideo Kojima's Top Secret PS3 Exclusive?

From Mike Muncatchy of,

"Hideo Kojima is the creator of Metal Gear Solid, but he is also a master of mystique. We speculate what new title he is working on that is exclusive to the Playstation 3.

Throughout history, Hideo Kojima has produced games that told depthful stories about humanity, conspiracy, and the unknown. Taking place in settings ranging from a jungle in the 1970's to an off-planet mechanized colony, each of his creations has soul, and a unique personality..."

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Hyrius2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I think it's just bullshit from CVG and that there isn't any Kojima's PS3 exclusive.

But I hope I'm wrong.

Joule2738d ago

could it be MGS collection, I would love that

BYE2738d ago

@El Jugador

That would be nice, but why would Kojima work on that? He's not a graphic artist.

BigPenguin2738d ago

There kind of is a MGS collection already right? They released MGS 1-3 collection right before MGS4 came out.

UltimateIdiot9112738d ago

I think he meant remastered like GoW1+2, Sly Cooper, and Ico/Shadow of Colossus.

EeJLP-2738d ago

We know that penguin.. we're talking in HD, 60fps, w/ trophies, etc.

sikbeta2738d ago

It's either MGS:Collection or Z.O.E 3....

BigPenguin2738d ago

Oh lol, that makes sense.

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MrAwesome2739d ago

Whatever it is it'll be awesome! :)

poopface12739d ago

I hope he makes another ZOE game. Id love to see what they can do with that series nowadays.

dantesparda2738d ago

Not trophies for MGS4, that's for sure, Thank Konami & Kojima, you's suck!

ozps32738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

yet another ps3 exclusive, too little time and so many exclusives to catch up on

sonic9892738d ago

and if so ( zoe 3 ) or mgs ( something ) would be terrific or maybe a new ( awesome ) IP.
woow the possibilities are endless .

M4I0N32738d ago

is it me or has the author of this article got his dates mixed up?

"When Metal Gear Solid 4 hit store shelves in 2007, gamers worldwide rejoiced after discovering that the title was a fitting end..."

MGS4 was released in June 2008

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FiftyFourPointTwo2738d ago

Awww. Someone's still hurt MGS4 didnt arrive on his 360.

sikbeta2738d ago

lol... remember when those douches were shouting "it'z da moviezzz"... and then, they went all mad cos of MGS:spin-off aka Rising... bunch of losers....

KiRBY30002738d ago

non-existent... are you talking about the 360 line-up by any chance?

sikbeta2738d ago

Come on dude, don't try to downplay....hmmmm.... [?]... oh... kinectimals... ROFLMAO!!!!

disturbing_flame2739d ago

No exclusive for PS3, i think sony fanboys must stop spreading rumors like that, they hurt themselves each time when they discover there's no game in production and exclusive for the PS3.
And why not a Kinect exclusive ? Hum ? Kojima said he wanted to work on kinect, there's no mention on the article, just an attention whore article finally...

scar202739d ago

cuz kinect is not hardcore nuff said

Denethor_II2738d ago

A PS3 exclusive would be amazing for all gamers.

Apotheosize2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Kojima posted it on his own twitter, about "a massive Ps3 exclusive that will own the TGS show". They later denied it and said it was a rumor. Thats where its from, so we were all anticipating something, thinking he was just keeping it secret. O ya someone posted about the "Taboo" project, thats apparently what it was and he stated that he might have to leave the industry if it fails or something.

dkgshiz2738d ago

Kinect is for casual party games. There is nothing serious about it.

bustamove2738d ago

When did Kojima said this? I thought it was Konami who said that?

Spydr072738d ago

Congratulations! You've just discovered the magical way to lose bubbles.

RumbleFish2738d ago

He said, he wanted to work on kinect before he knew, that there is so much lag!

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Batzi2739d ago

There is a new game that Kojima been working on for some time now. Remember the "Taboo" game? Well that's the one regardless whether or not it was an exclusive to PS3, there is a new Kojima game in the works. Now he's been saying that he would like to do something like "Peace Walker" but on a bigger scale for the home console. Anything like Peace Walker on a bigger scale with more features implies that Kojima is apparently working on a new Metal Gear Solid game. How can that be a taboo? Well this is when I suggested that Kojima will be tackling deeply religious themes in some form or another. It is a taboo since many gamers are very sensitive about these subjects and let's not forget what happened when LittleBigPlanet featured a soundtrack that had lyrics referring to a part from the Koran? There was chaos on the net and Sony and Media Molecule had to delay the game release to patch it! That was something small and considered as a "Taboo" to many. So imagine if Kojima got into the subject on a bigger deeper scale, I think many would be pissed off :D in any case I can't wait for the game!

PsERSONA2738d ago

An MGS game similar to Peace Walker on the home consoles would be amazing! especially the co-op!

I can only hope that he is working on something like this. Thanks for the information, true or not.

DigitalAnalog2738d ago

But this taboo game hasn't even been slightly revealed in TGS. I hope he's not getting "cold feet".

-End statement

Cloudberry2739d ago

Rumor maybe?

"Hard to tell" I'll give you that.

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