E4G: Sony PlayStation Move Unboxing

E4G: Today on E4GTV we unbox Sony's PlayStation Move.

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dkblackhawk503006d ago

The PlayStation Move is incredibly entertaining, can not wait to play Killzone 3 on this :D

fuckitimout3006d ago

it's is stopid and dumb moshun controler. Wii is better

mrv3213006d ago

Usually I blindly agree with people saying stupid stuff without much fact but since you misspelled motion I think I won't.

e3kehoe3006d ago

tard...nice spelling and I bet you've never even touched the move..

Oner3006d ago

"isn't not fun" is a double negative thus meaning it IS can't even troll properly! /rollseyes

Elimin83006d ago

There are Shakers, Movers and, well, Those who can't quite Kinect.

I'm a MOVEr, are You??!..

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CovertGunman3006d ago

Pretty good unboxing. Sure, the lighting could have been a bit better but overall it gives us a good view of everything that comes with it. Thumbs up!

dkblackhawk503006d ago

I agree, but the person did the best he could do in a situation, looks like he had the beloved windows shining.

CovertGunman3006d ago

That's very true. Natural sunlight is always better than nothing!

shepowy3006d ago

Great video, great starter pack and hopefully the Move will be great too!

dkblackhawk503006d ago

I bought mine yesterday, not regretting my purchase at all.

jazzking20013006d ago

i got mine on friday, works great
just do not like some of the buttons

shepowy3006d ago

As long as Sony supports it with some solid software i could be tempted to pick up a Move

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The story is too old to be commented.