Ape Escape For PlayStation Move Is An On-Rails Gadget Shooter

Kotaku: Apes go wild, again, in Furi Furi! Sarugechu—or Ape Escape Shake! Shake!, if you prefer—the first game in the monkey-snatching series to utilize Sony's new PlayStation Move controller. The goal? Grab monkeys. With the Move.

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DasBunker3009d ago

so when it comes to sony they feel the need to point out the "on-rails" factor... they didnt do that with the vast majority of casual titles on other consoles that are on-rails..

oh nevermind.. kocktaku

Apocalypse Shadow3009d ago

when there is a small problem in graphics of a ps3 game,they nitpick.when it's 360,it's given a pass.

when 360 puts more information on a dvd,bluray is called into question.but when a ps3 exclusive like GT5 puts the best dvd content on 360 to shame,it's ignored and said that the game is taking too long.

when move shows that it works in games and has demos of future possibilities,it's ignored.and casual games are reviewed as core games.but when kinect shows no accuracy in games or has no demos of future possibilities,it's being said that it is too early.and casual games like kinectimals should be given a free pass.

we will see if sites like kotaku review kinect and its games as game journalists should.or will they bow to the microsoft advertising paychecks.

3008d ago