BioShock Infinite gameplay teased on video

You've seen the CG trailer. You've read our preview. You've even watched our interview with Ken Levine. But what does BioShock Infinite's gameplay look like? This week's episode of GTTV offers a small glimpse.

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Wizziokid2586d ago

Looks awesome!!! can't wait to see more of this, also Star Wars adds more win to this video.

Anton Chigurh2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

These guys Created System Shock 2, one of the best games ever created.


SeanRL2586d ago

I can't understand why people like Star wars: TFU, the gameplay is soo stiff, it just takes away from the experience.

DigitalAnalog2586d ago

But the sequel really does look leaps and bounds better.

Bioshock: Infinite. Definitely checking that out!

-End statement

outrageous2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Lukasarts is about to drop a bomb on everyone with that game...WOW The graphics/physics are some of the best this gen. The power of Havoc and Euphoria combined will not have any rivals. The scale of the gameplay and environments are INCREDIBLE!!!

Here's Infamous 2...looks alot like Force Unleashed in the a park...He even has a light saber...O_o

Interesting how the executive producer of Force Unleashed 2 just stood up and walk away from the Unleashed franchise...wonder where he will end up...Hmmm...Sony maybe???

Bioshock: Infinite, even tho it's 2 years away ( 2012 ) looks completely original and the graphics look phenomenal.

Another great installment for Gametrailers...BRAVO

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Shoko2586d ago


Glad they didn't go back to Rapture again. Bioshock 2 was very disappointing imo.

DigitalRaptor2586d ago

I'll be honest: I was disappointed by the footage I saw!

Dunno, maybe I was expecting too much. The full footage should be shown next week, so maybe that will have a better impact.

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Vip3r2586d ago

I just got Bioshock 2 today and I'm really looking forward to Infinite.

HeroXIV2586d ago

It looked kinda fun going round on those rail things but wow... I was extremely hyped but now it's kinda "meh" status.

Also, I am not seeing these "best graphics we've seen" (NowGamer).

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