BDA Responds to Paramounts Decision

In response to Paramount's decision to exclusively support HD DVD, Andy Parsons, Chairman, Blu-ray Disc Association US Promotions Committee had this to say: "The decision seems oddly timed given Blu-ray's tremendous momentum both with consumers and with retail. Blu-ray title sales continue to outpace HD-DVD sales by nearly a 2 to 1 margin, and major retailers have expressed a strong preference for Blu-ray. Moreover, the price delta between HD DVD and Blu-ray players has been greatly reduced in the past few months, a trend that is on its way to eliminating any perceived cost advantage the HD DVD format has claimed to have. Under these circumstances, we can only imagine what could have enticed them to walk away from a format that is clearly selling significantly more software than the ailing HD-DVD format."

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Marceles4110d ago

ailing...ouch. Well you can't blame Paramount not following the bandwagon, unless that $150 million exclusivity deal is true

heroman7114109d ago

only reason they went exclusive was cuz hddvd showed them some money and then they got carried away. i remember hearing like a month ago 5 ppl went blu ray exclusive i think maybe not 5 but some

power of Green 4110d ago

I bet theres a number of PS3 fanboys that has been looking for news to counter the HD-DVD news sence it was post looking for any rhetorical news and info to? well I don't know but its strange its not changing anybodies mind although it may make the fanboys themselfs feel better.

SmokeyMcBear4110d ago

wow dude, you are seriously a douchebag

XxZxX4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

welll I am looking forward to read the great BDA countering news, mostly because I want to see your sad reaction like you're hoping to see on PS3 fanboys have right now. I'm eagerly waiting to see your power of green turning power of red. I will let you have this moment now. Enjoy while you can.

Ri0tSquad4110d ago

This war is over its getting annoying now. Now im just waiting to see how long its going to take Paramount to come back to blu ray. Im guessing after Christmas when they do terrible with hd dvd sales. More PS3s sold more blu ray players in households why the hell is it so difficult to understand that?

joevfx4109d ago

oh you mean the FOX home entertainment line up? thate alot bigger them paramount, im sorry, HD DVD didnt even get Spielburgs movies in the deal, that means no indiana jones for little HD DVD. yeah that was worth 150mil hahahaha.

synetic4109d ago

power of Green dude you just a fanboy nothing more ... sad that n4g is full of xbox 360 and ps3 fanboys but for what i see until know is the xbox 360 fanboys that have the less respect ...

we already know that you prefer to support xbox 360 and hddvd but that dont give you the reason to disrespect the ones that dont support .. the same for the ps3 and blu ray supporters .

peksi4109d ago

A fanboy hears news and waits for the opposite fanboy response trying to anticipate that. The he writes about it. How small minded can you be?

Grow up child, none of us is part of any "camp". We're just consumers and they are companies. We just gotta hope the competition ends up as an advantage to us and not as money to their pockets.

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Marty83704110d ago

Blu-ray still has more hardware sold, thanks to PS3. And is selling Movies on Blu-ray on a weekly basis. HD DVD will be dead by end of 2007.

aiphanes4110d ago

Sony is now going to get serious...and win this war outright this year.

BDA was really just kinda playing around the lasts few they will get serious.

Paramount was stupid to go exclusive with HD-DVD...why pick a losing format in the retail sector? They should have just stayed neutral...

But we know they got paid 150 million dollars to go exclusive...but it will come back to haunt them in 2008...

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