PS3 Ico and Shadow Add Trophy Support

Andriasang: Fumito Ueda discusses additions for remakes and also touches upon 3D and Move support for Last Guardian.

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Shanks2775d ago

I thought it's a given (?)

Cloudberry2775d ago

I don't know the 3D support too.

And a possible MOVE support for The Last Guardian??? O_o

Now that's unexpected for me.

Cratos87802775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

...for The Last Guardian.

DO IT!!!

MagicAccent2775d ago


That said, I can't wait to see in what imaginative ways we have to climb and kill the Colossi to get the trophies.
At any rate, it'll give me a good enough reason to play both games again.

SilentNegotiator2775d ago

All Ps3 games are required to have trophies. It's been that way for a while.

So, yes, it IS a given.

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MrAwesome2775d ago

Every ps3 game (or at least exsclusives) should have 3D and Move support.

Akagi2775d ago

A given, yes, but I never tire of hearing it.

Redempteur2775d ago

" In its current state, we've pretty much used up the full system specs."

oh oh oh oh that is awesome news

raztad2775d ago

Actually it is not awesome news. Guy is saying they didnt build the engine with 3D in mind, and now he doest know whether they can squeeze the required power to run the game in 3D.

Lazyeye792775d ago

I hope they don't try to run 3D with The Last Guardian. If they do it will most likely downgrade the rest of the game, which wouldn't be worth it to those who don't have a 3D TV.

On topic, I'm pretty sure Sony requires games to come with trophy support, but I still like to hear it. I can't wait for this collection and The Last Guardian to release.

DigitalAnalog2775d ago

I think he is refering to the "engine". It is still a PS2 game, 30FPS + 3D. It's amazing they could add that in despite devs stating that it won't be "easy".

-End statement

Redempteur2774d ago

funny how nobody understood my comment.
"Ueda didn't rule out 3D for Team Ico's original PlayStation 3 game, The Last Guardian. When asked about possible 3D inclusion, he said "We're still looking into this. In its current state, we've pretty much used up the full system specs."

it was about the last guradian ... READ THE ARTICLE PEOPLE !!
that game took a long time to get up and it use all the power they can .. that's awesome ...

some people are reply and disagreeing with me when they didn't even read the article ...

TANUKI2775d ago

Nice, Mr. Ueda is showing full support for both games.

ShAkKa2775d ago

Aren't trophies a mandatory thing for all Ps3 games now? it's only natural that this games support it.

CimmerianDrake2775d ago

It's mandatory for new ps3 games, this is just a PS2 HD remake, so probably not mandatory.

guitarded772775d ago

Trophies are mandatory for EVERY PS3 title since January 2009. Ico/Shadow Collection is a PS3 title.

DigitalRaptor2775d ago

Of course it's mandatory. They're new games on the PS3.

Yes they're PS2 games, but the remaster gives it a new lease of life on PS3, so essentially it's a new game/experience.

Cratos87802775d ago

Ico/ Shadow Collection isn't a remake. It's an enhanced port (HD, 3D) of the PS2 games to PS3.

Cratos87802775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

more excited for possible 3D/Move support for Last Guardian than trophies.

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