PlayStation Move: Product Reviews First Impressions

This is Product Reviews first impressions with Playstation Move for PS3, and one thing that hit them right away within 15 minutes of gameplay was PS Move, and the controllers were a true Nintendo Wii beater.

Having played the Wii since release and knowing that it is the most successful games system to combine fitness and gaming, they knew the Wii system would be hard to beat.

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btk3007d ago

Now lets see ho the Kinect review goes. It will most likely be rated the lowest of the motion controllers at the highest price.

Redrum0593007d ago

many other websites are impressed with move.
looks like move will be a big success for sony.

Triella3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Never underestimate the power of the bribe. Sites will probably rate Kinect high because of its presumed "potential", and will indulgently omit to mention the numerous problems of the device.

AKS3006d ago

They need some more software for hardcore gamers soon. I think MAG and Heavy Rain will work well with it, but I think they will need to keep bringing out the Move supported software. Too bad SOCOM 4 wasn't quite ready; it looked awesome in the last trailer I watched.

danswayuk3007d ago

The Kinect will be impressive with features "Move" will not have, those that can afford both and have both a 360 and PS3, will want to get both.

You can then buy games exclusive for each system, the dance game coming on Kinect looks amazing. As always, both the 360 and PS3 have things the other does not. Fanboys will not understand this.

pinksteak093007d ago

so why the hell would i fork out an extra $150 for KINECT when the PS EYE has the SAME DAMN FEATURES?

AlienFodder3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I have both systems and I have NO intention of buying Kinect even if I can afford it. Stop talking for everyone else.

ozps33006d ago

from all the videos i have watched of kinect.

Move however i have it and i have to agree with the reviews its damn accurate.

Bigpappy3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Kinect is releasing as a casual device. Most of these reviewers don't care for casual or kiddie games. Kinect will be more of a 8 average if it is lucky. But the games like Dace central and Kinect Sports will get really good scores. Hardcore gamers can get into those games.

What ever happens with reviews, will have minimal affect on public opinion of Kinect. It will be all over the place for them to see for themselves.

DJMarty3007d ago

Kinect is crap, will get 3.5 at best.

Pew, Pew, Pew. LOL

MOVE all the way


btk3006d ago

Most of the games out now for Move is "Casual" games like the Wii games - just more precise and with better graphics.

Kinect is launching with EyeToy games and the rest does not even match up to Wii quality in terms of precision.

The mantra that Kinect is aimed at the casual crowd is getting a bit old. Casuals would by a Ferrari if they could afford it - but they buy the budget car because it is cheaper. MS is trying to palm of the budget car at the price of the Ferrari, and because the quality is low budget they hope people will be fooled by the casuals mantra.

For example - if we are to accept the Kinect for casuals Move for core - then the capabilities of the controllers would be geared towards two distinct markets - or is the "Kinect is for casuals" just a smokescreen? Name one game that Kinect does better than Move? Tennis? Other Sports games? If it does it on lower quality then it should cost less - right?

Apocalypse Shadow3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

but it's hilarious seeing gamers promote dance central to core gamers when there is NO SKILL INVOLVED in that doesn't even show you,the gamer,on screen.

if kinect gets 9-10 for launch games and hardware accuracy that pales in comparison to move and its launch games,i will drop my jaw.

iistuii3007d ago

That's where your all getting it wrong. Dance central and games for the kinect are aimed at the casual gamer. I don't wanna play any game without a controller and especially a shooter. That's why all the games coming out on kinect are casual. When I had a go on the move controller I just thought it was a better version of a wii, that's why kinect will try to be different, if it fails I couldn't care less as like I already said I play with a controller, but after watching my daughter at a show on dance central, I don't think it will fail.

acky13006d ago

Why don't you play any games using different control schemes? Move and Wii are pretty much 3D mouses which should work really well...even for shooters. RE4 on the wii was great, controls made it more fun to me.

I don't think kinect deserves to be a huge success since if you strip away the advertising campaign and the 'potential' all you are left with is a better ps eye pumping out shovelware for the masses. That doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.

huga_muga3007d ago

The technology in Move is so ahead both Wii motion plus and DisKinect

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