First trailer of Prototype

Radical Entertainment has released the first trailer of Prototype. (Click on video player to start playing the trailer.)

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AznSniper3535d ago

This trailer made me interested in the game.

nasim3534d ago

It makes GEARS look like a Wii game

Rowland3535d ago

is nothing compared to this ......THIS IS AWSOME ! ! !

Taker_1293534d ago

mgs4 and halo are in a class of there own. i would say it looks more interesting then Gta4

tony3535d ago

cool! i would like to see some real gameplay.

timmyp533535d ago

that embed is nice and big w/ good quality. Gametrailers need to copy off of them.

Lakuspakus3535d ago

Agreed, Gametrailers so-called "HD videos" have really bad quality!

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The story is too old to be commented.