TGS10; Super Street Fighter IV new alternate costumes trailer

PS3 Attitude: Capcom released a new trailer today showing off the new alternate costumes coming to Super Street Fighter IV.

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Myst2771d ago

Chun li and Juri's are pretty much the only ones I'd want. Sadly I could see Capcom putting them each in seperate packs rather than individually placing them on the market.

Yi-Long2771d ago

.. that more and more developers are DLC-milking their products for all it isn't worth...

What's even sadder is that there will always be muppets buying this stuff.

Boody-Bandit2771d ago

I wonder if that is why there was no PC version this time around like there was with SFIV? On the PC you could get hundreds of costumes for free. Rumor has it that a PC port is on the way but it's copy protected some how. I guess Capcom is doing everything they can to stop DLC and bootleg versions. I can't blame them on the piracy thing but if it is because of DLC? That would be a new low for them.

Redempteur2771d ago

the reason there was no pc port is because it sold Poorly ...simple as that

fuckitimout2771d ago

should have been free and on the disc. It SUPER sf4

goosepoose2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

AWESOME capcom. if i was in charge of your tgs announcements, this would of been my top priority.

sersiosly now. why did capcom even bother with this announcement. capcom you are falling apart infront of me. shame i dont care. if your games cost as much as mc d's happy meal, you would have my sympathy. but for now eat a d***, we know you do. look at all these wii things in your mounth. aww, and u didnt make cash. you were the client and nintendo was the hooker. not the other way around. shame

edit: super street fighter 4 aracde edition. yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. and people will buy that costume. yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

AKissFromDaddy2771d ago

wants all your money for outfits :-)

zanzibarlegend2771d ago

even though ima sucker for new costumes, this video did a shoddy job of showing them all off. the new costumes flashed way too quick on the screen. to be honest i would have settled for in-game screenshots of each costume, so i could look at them with detail.

and capcom can you stop the BS and just sell them all in one shot and separately so people have a choice? i dont want to wait 6 months to have everything .

2771d ago
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