Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Trailer

At the Tokyo Game Show 2010, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been revealed along with a debut trailer as seen on Realm of Gaming.

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DrRobotnik2892d ago

This could've been dlc. But hey, there's money to be made. I'll just wait for sf vs. tekken(capcom ed).

Baka-akaB2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

there should be a limit to stupid claims like that . How the hell would the subpar and rushed engine of the console version of T6 would have kept up with 4 on screen characters ?

And the game do new a new onlien code after the crap they gave us .

A more wise request would be for it to be under 40 dollars like expansions for the other fighting games

gtamike2891d ago

Old news and this will be on the aracde only for about a year or 2 like Tekken 6.

SandRazor2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Plus want this for PS3 :P

IRetrouk2891d ago

tekken tag was my first ps2 game, along with ridge racer, loved it, hope they bring back unknown.

Kurisu2891d ago

Was my first PS2 game as well. This trailer is impressive and I can't wait for the console release.

Zeppelin6662891d ago

I've been waiting patiently since my Tekken tag broke from over playing lol.

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