Halo Reach: 20gb Xbox 360 experiencing game breaking bugs

We heard about the 4gb Xbox 360 consoles experiencing difficulties with Halo Reach to which Bungie responded that a patch fix was all that was needed. Now it seems the 20gb Pro consoles don't like Reach much either

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NewZealander2981d ago

Ive had no problems at all, but one thing i would like changed is the motion blur, its fine except when you see it in places it shouldn't be, like reloading or entering vehicles, great job bungie but please give us the option to turn off or at least tone down the blur.

r0gueZA2981d ago

ye, Ive noticed that here and there to.

Tinted Eyes2981d ago Show
Zachmo1822981d ago

@Tinted Eyes

Who said it was breaking consoles i haven't heard that one yet...I have a 20gb 360 thats from 06 and its still working perfectly haven't had one problem with halo yet....I'm sure half these stories are bull just PS3 fanboys talking down on it cause they know it's one of the biggest games of this year.

doG_beLIEfs2981d ago Show
Bathyj2981d ago

I can live with the blur. Its the bloody friendly Ai that sh*ts me.

Zig zaggin in front on you as you try to have a shot. I know all shooters can be guilty of this but it seems to keep happening over and over again.
I've actually died when I tried to shoot one of the blast weapons just as a guy jump in front of me and blew ua both up.

2981d ago
doG_beLIEfs2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

"So tell me, if this is such a PS3 site, where are all the stories telling everyone Halo takes about an hour to install. Yeah thats right, an hour. I'm guessing slightly I admit, cos I've been sitting here for 20 minutes and I'm 30%. Everytime a PS3 game has a long install theres a half dozen stories about it, wheres the Halo one?"

A PERFECT example of the double standard I am talking about. Since I only have a PS3...I did not know about this HOUR LONG INSTALL. Yet every single PS3 game that has an istall...there are 3,4,5 articles about it MOST of them complaining about the install.

Take your MS glasses off, get up off your knees, pull up your pants and see what I am talking about.

As for GT5? THAT is your excuse? That since GT5 is a year later it does not matter? Are you going to tell me that ALL of the added features were put ONE YEAR?

Most, if not all of the features in the final GT5 game were there a year ago, the graphical quality, the number of cars...etc etc....were there a year ago. But unlike MS and T10....PD and Sony CARE about their games and want to make the best game possible and they do not CARE about the time it takes.

You argue as well as a teabagger....repeat the same recycled talking points over and over without any real substance.

"Sure, GT5 will have more features."

No braniac...GT5 has a mountain of features to Forza's molehill.

Take a football score

team A 27 Forza
team B 568 GT5

sure, team B scored more but team A scored 1st....your "logic" not mine.

2981d ago
talltony2981d ago

"Go play the Best Buy GT5 demo - I already have. The graphics are hardly any different than Forza 3's. Get your head out of Sony's a** & see what I am talking about."

So nearly double the rez of forza 3 with double the amount of cars on track at once with weather and day/night cycles only translates to "hardly" better graphics than forza in your mind? I really do think you need to get your head out of your console of choice.

SilentNegotiator2981d ago

Don't forget twice the anti-aliasing.

(4xAA in 720p mode, 2xAA in 1080p mode)

2981d ago
talltony2980d ago

The numbers prove you wrong which is why you are ignoring them. I am not obsessing you are just ignoring the facts with your biased opinion. I have seen hd gameplay of gt5 on my 52 inch bravia.

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Pandemic2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Microsoft weren't prepared, what a surprise.............

Def Warrant2981d ago

Or maybe they were aware?

tdogchristy902981d ago

I'm having the same issues with blur as well. I honestly thought it was a tv problem since I have a new led. But instead this is normal, like it's supposed to be there?

Hyrius2981d ago ShowReplies(6)
Cajun Chicken2981d ago

This does not bode well for me.

MGRogue20172981d ago ShowReplies(2)
Xx Ziyad xX2981d ago

its just bunch of lies my Reach works fine on my Xbox 360 20G

lucifon2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yep. Don't know of anyone experiencing issues. Myns an arcade console with a 60 gig drive thrown in. I run a gaming community site and none of my members are having issues either. Fail article written for one purpose.

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