Best Old-school Turn-based RPGs

In Japan, the classic turn-based role playing game is king. When new Dragon Quest games are released, people line up around the block for days. Schools shut down. People cry. You know, the kinds of things that happen here when Apple does just about anything. On these shores, however, RPGs aren't quite as popular. Still, a great many get localized and released here. Thank goodness for that because what would our sad, sad childhoods have been like without the calming presence of the Final Fantasy theme music? There is something so comforting about the turn-based RPG formula. Fight enemies. Level up. Get cool new moves and equipment. Repeat. Plus you get to save the world! What's not to love? Here are the best old-school RPG console video games of all time.

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Game-ur3009d ago

Spot on list, and finally some love for FF6.

IMOO Suikoden 1&2 are in same class as CT &FF6, the problem is it got degraded after that. This game with Grandia and Breath of Fire were forgotten and ignored.

The good news is the MegaTen series is steadily improving; Atlus are the best JRPG makers in the past 5 years, Level5 second.

Rrobba3008d ago

Great list for the most part.