Pocket-Lint: Sony Playstation Move review

Any review of PlayStation Move is going to have to admit the same thing: this is the first step on a long journey. As such, there is understandably a degree of discomfort that comes with writing about something so new, with so little real material to work from. It would be a little like Christopher Columbus describing the Americas as "a little small" having only just planted his feet on the shores of The Bahamas.

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Cevapi883006d ago

this review doesnt even explain its score let alone justify it...the only thing i got from it was that without an analog stick they had to adjust to moving a character in the gladiator game of sports champions without having tested the navigation controller, yet they immediately mention it right after their complaint which really defeats their argument against the tech behind the move....but ohh well...they really had nothing to rag on, yet they still gave it a 7/10

btk3006d ago

Maybe because they already decided to give Kinect 8.5
They can not give Kinect 9 - that would be too obvious. They cant score it the same as Move, that will damage Kinect marketing. So 8.5 for Kinect and 7 for Move it will be.

Soldierone3006d ago

Seriously guys? One person doesnt like Move and its all because the site is Microsoft bias? Ive seen this on every Move review that doesn't praise it. Ill probably get called an Xbox fanboy (even though you can look through my history of posts and see otherwise) but Im not too fond of it either. Ive had nothing but issues with it, and i really dont like it as of now. Its not the tech itself its the games. And thats what it comes down to. The provided games in the bundle are crap, and its not a good way to advertise such great tech.

Cevapi883006d ago

i dont have a problem with the score...its just that the review gave no solid reasoning as to why it was a 7/10 when they basically gave no cons on the device

Soldierone3005d ago

Dont get me wrong, im not bashing you. Its just everytime i see a Move review either its nearly perfect or its full of "this sites MS biased" comments. The techs good, but its not mind blowing by any means and its just a step up over the Wii.