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There is something special and unique about the Move experience; it feels like it has unlimited potential. Launch titles are plenty, but the real salvo of Move-compatible games will be coming over the next six months.

The PlayStation Move has given the PS3 a new lease on life, and in some ways, the PS3 is video game console, reborn.

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ArchangelMike2775d ago

"The PlayStation Move has given the PS3 a new lease on life, and in some ways, the PS3 is video game console, reborn"

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I never got round to getting a Wii, but after playing Sports Champions with friends all last night, it became cristal clear why the Wii has been so succesful. Motion controlled gaming, when done right is fun. On the PS3 right now, it's a heck of alot of fun!!!

MGRogue20172775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

*strokes tier-1 beard*


Oner2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

In a deep voice while rubbing hands together slowly ~ Good...Good...

ChozenWoan2775d ago

... but now I'm definitely getting another two Moves. Just so I can beat my bro and cousin down and talk head to them face to face without worrying about domestic violence charges.

dragon822774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

2 Moves + 2 Nav + Sports Champions all for $170 = GOOD TIMES :D

ChozenWoan2774d ago

I'm sooo sore from Gladiator Duel... but it's so addicting. Even when playing solo it's fun and challenging.

Oh and I figured out how to play it while sitting down so I can extend my play time even further. Just got to sit at the edge of the couch and aim the cam down just a little. Works great. =)

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hakis862774d ago

I agree!

Me and my friend played the hell out of Gladiator Duel yesterday.. my body is hurting sooo badly today, lol.

tiamat52775d ago

*strokes evil demon cat* Intriguing.


It is wrong to buy the next generation of motion gaming that it works and works for any game for any type of Gamers?

Pre ordered the Bundle.

AceofStaves2775d ago

I'm glad Move is proving to be a a great piece of tech. Having superior motion control that is accessible to a wide range of gamers, able-bodied and disabled, is fantastic.

Excellent job, Sony.

e3kehoe2775d ago

I had the Wii for all of a week before i was bored with it.even my son didn't care for it. I liked the idea of motion controls but the lack of HD support and not 1/1 controls ruined it for me..
now I've got the move and all i can say so far is WOW!!!! I love it! So does the rest of the family

Move + 3D + HD + PS3 =win :)
Ill prob get some disagrees for this but its how I feel so deal with it

Lord Gunchrote2775d ago

No disagrees here my man. PS move turns Wii into nothing but a mariobox, just like every other Nintendo lol.

Shadow Flare2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Ps3 and move make wii look like such an old piece of tech. And the graphics make wii games look like a babies game. I was comparing the two controllers visually, and move with the light on just looks so much more advanced then wii. And it feels solid when playing with it

MrWegman2775d ago

I am having a lot of fun with the move so far... Sports Champions is a lot of fun... the wii is moving to the kids' room...

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