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PlayStation Move may be four years behind the Nintendo Wii, but it's a major leap forward for the age of motion gaming.

The new set of peripherals, available this weekend for the Sony PlayStation 3, doesn't revolutionize video games, but it shows Nintendo fans what they're missing out on: surprisingly precise controls paired current-generation graphics.

Click the blue arrows to check out the full review of PlayStation Move and several PS3 motion games.

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FanboysWillHateMe2738d ago

Christian Science Monitor...?! 0_o

NiteX2738d ago

The wha who wahhuh now? That some sort of joke site? Christians don't play video games everybody knows this!

Morgue2738d ago

Yesterday it was LesbianGamers now this? I can't for the Taliban review should be interesting.

LarsoVanguard2738d ago

Lol! Haha seriously busted a chuckle on that comment. I gave you a bubble for being funny.

DarkFantasy2738d ago

LOL who said they reviewed it..-BOOM-

PhilipLarkin2738d ago

The Pope pwns on Sports Champions. He f***ing LOVES Bocce.

WildArmed2738d ago

It's not a who.. it's a WHAT.
It's a type of sport.


I really do want to buy the PS-Move & the PS-Navigator but not until Ape Escape 4 is announced, I already have the PS-Eye.

Ape Escape Fury Fury! has bee announced but according to their website the proper sequel to Ape Escape 3 (which is obviously AE4) is in production.

Once a AE4 + PS-Nav + PS-Move bundle is announced I'll buy it day 1 for sure!

DarkFantasy2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Hell oh wait.. i mean DARN yeah! ape escape 4 will be awesome!! the main reasons I'm getting a move was because of the ape escape move game!

ceedubya92738d ago

Can't wait to try out more games with it.

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