Microsoft’s Greenberg On Gold, Kinect, Xbox In Japan, And First-Party Publishing

GameInformer talks to Microsoft Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg about the future of Xbox Live (and the recent Gold subscription increase), how quality control will help avoid shovelware on Kinect, the growing presence of Xbox 360 in Japan, and Microsoft’s first-party publishing policy.

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DigitalRaptor2770d ago

I actually don't wanna read this cause all I'm gonna read is PR bullshit, and I will probably just end up ranting.

moparful992770d ago

Good thing you didnt. Typical greenberg pomp and arrogance.. He must love the smell of his own farts..

SillySundae2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

... i never thought I'd ever laugh at a fart joke ...

Then I've read you comment.


Octo12770d ago

"Wafting,Wafting. Everybody liked their own brand."
- Austins Powers Fat Bastard

niceguywii602770d ago

Leave fanboy, 360 fans dont care what PS3 fanboys care about.

Lazy_Gamer2770d ago

Lol his BS statements are laughable.

N4PS3Fanboys2770d ago

It looks like the Xbox 360 has a very bright future ahead of it.

razielsonofkain2770d ago

oh yes, look how its glowing :)....

oh wait. its on fire!

BrutallyBlunt2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

He skirts around the questions too much. He sounds more like a fanboy than one who's interested in the gaming market.

1) Why can't players actually play online for free? In other words why can't those who are not interested in Facebook, ESPN, Netflix and other things such as Party Chat access the online component of games? Most games now have some sort of online so anyone who doesn't pay for Gold is missing out a lot of value when buying games. Seems odd the Wii, Playstation 3, IPad, PC and almost every platform allows free online play but the XBOX brand.

2) Where is the investment in actual in-house studios to supply the core gamers with new and fresh IP's? Not 3rd party relations that can one day be erased like we have seen with games like Mass Effect. The XBOX brand needs more than Forza, Fable and Halo as their identity and Kinect is shifting it's demographics while not expanding on it's main userbase.

3) Why are people in other countries such as Canada paying the same price for Live when they have less value? No Netflix, I doubt ESPN will be available and so on? Will the price be going up outside of the U.S.? If so why?

Greenberg needs to be asked questioned directly and answer them directly.

IneedWeed2770d ago

Yeah it's pretty BS for me to be forced to pay for XBL in order to play games online. I only got XBL for Halo, which I only played here and there. That's making the cost of playing Halo for a full year(for me that is) $60 +Tax for the Game and $60 +Tax for XBL. I don't see how that's fair for me since I really don't use XBL except for Halo.

I like to play COD on my PS3 cuhz 360 has too many annoying kids with Mics. I don't really like Gears of War(Just my taste) and I play a lot more online games on my PC and PS3. Wish they made an option for playing just online and not having stupid features that I don't use for like $20 a year, then I wouldn't mind.
$120+ for playing Halo Reach(a game I'm going to play here and there) is just retarded. When you get Halo Reach, you have to get XBL, if you get XBL might as well pay that little extra to get the years worth, but damn that's a little unfair.

BrutallyBlunt2770d ago

Which is kinda sad considering the game has no dedicated servers. So as time progressed the Halo series continues to have a cap size of 16 players and can still be riddled with lag yet Microsoft wants to increase the price of Live? Seems unjustified, especially for those who just want to play online.

Isn't it a bit ironic how Bungie have said their new engine allows for more characters on-screen at once but the online aspect still limits the matches to 16 players? Such a shame the actual online experience hasn't really changed or evolved over the years and how Microsoft is more keen on things like Facebook which they own shares in and making games universal with things like the new Windows 7 phone. This is what happens when you have other vested interests. The focus on the actual gameplay experience online is overshadowed with bells and whistles many of us don't care about. I'd rather have the option of epic battles with more than 16 players than the ability to tell my friends on Facebook that I got the latest Achievement.

2770d ago
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