Street Fighter Coming to Cellphones

The Street Fighter line of beat 'em up games could be seen making their way to your cellphones in the near future, according to an announcement made by Capcom. Apparently, the longtime fan favorite Street Fighter II: Champion Edition will be making its debut as early as next month, faithfully bringing all the bone crunching action of the arcade original to a diminutive looking handset. for one would be interested to see how it turns out, but as most people know, the cellphone doesn't exactly come with the most optimal controller, especially for games such as these that play best in the presence of a joystick as well as half a dozen buttons.

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Marceles3806d ago

Not really into the story since I'm not big on cellphone games, but that NEC Street Fighter II poster of Ryu and M. Bison is classic and brings back memories. :)

Schmitty073806d ago

How this will work on phones