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Spider-Man spins onto Marvel vs Capcom 3

Gamespot Writes : Marvel vs Capcom series regular Spider-Man will make a return, and 'ol webhead will sport his classic red and blue costume.

Resident Evil antagonist and leather aficionado Albert Wesker was also unveiled, and will sport his classic dark coat, dark clothes, and dark sunglasses combo. (Marvel vs Capcom 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

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cyborg  +   1552d ago
The RE antagonists is also confirmed.

This just keeps getting better everyday )_)
erathaol  +   1551d ago
Captain Commando, Strider Hiryu, Jin Saotome, Venom and Cyclops are all my favorite MvC characters, with Cyclops being already a confirmed 'no', its not getting much better on my end.

I'd just settle for Jin though honestly and I'm glad Spider-man has been revealed. He's actually a really fun character to use. Especially his jump from wall to wall hitting you in the air special combo.
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RockmanII7  +   1550d ago
1 - All Cyberbot Reps have been deconfirmed, including Jin

2 - Captain Commando is expected not to be in the game because C. Viper, who has an extreamly similar playstyle, is supposed to be in it (See video below).

3 - In Marvel comics Venom is trying to lay low for a while, and since Marvel is using this game as a way to promote there comics it is unlikely that he will get in.

4 - Strider hasn't been in a game for a while hurting his chances. That said Tron Bonne hasn't been in a game for 10 years and she was confirmed just the other day so he still has a decent chance(Better chance than anyone else on your list).

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himdeel  +   1551d ago
AHHHH now I can get this game...
...I was waiting on them to let us know if our friendly neighborhood Spiderman was joining the fray.
Megaton  +   1551d ago
I just want Apocalypse and Carnage. I know it's a longshot, but gimme just one of those guys and I'd explode with excitement.
xskipperx82  +   1552d ago
Can't wait till March!!!!!!!!!
Edward-Kraken  +   1552d ago
Not surprised at all. Glad to see these two finally show up. Great choices, Capcom.
Hoping for a MegaMan character reveal next.
BulletBtweenUrEyes  +   1551d ago
Holy Shit!!! OMG!!!
Edward and Jacob from Twilight confirmed for MvC3!!!
Anyways I'm glad to see that they're adding Wesker to the mix. He's the main baddie from the RE series. One evil doer I wanna see is Carnage from spider-man, he's a freaking psycho and would own in this game. It would be awesome if they could figure a way to put my main man Johnny Blaze aka The Ghost Rider and have a move where you get caught in his chain and he jumps on his bike and drags your ass all over the screen Red Dead style.
MetalGearBear  +   1551d ago
Albert Wesker!!!!! yeah!!!!!!
LarVanian  +   1551d ago
Spider-man at last! Now put him on the goddamn cover! You cannot exclude the mascot of Marvel from something like that.
Baka-akaB  +   1551d ago
Where are the fools claiming he wouldnt be there and a dlc ?
Edward-Kraken  +   1551d ago
Oh dear. There were people who claimed Spidey would be DLC? LOL.

Now there goes Wesker, that's one villain for Capcom's side (Tron doesnt count since she turned good in MML2). I remember there was an article about the game's writer he said he most enjoyed writing the script for the villains in the game. Now I wonder if he's talking about Capcom villains...
Baka-akaB  +   1551d ago
Yup there were , they went even further and for some reason claimed than capcom would retain half the characters and push them as dlc .

So yeah capcom is far from clean this gen when it comes to dlcs , and the suckiness of their non-fighting games , but when it comes to fighting games , if capcom was as evil as so often stated :

- it would have been easy and more lucrative to cut down the 10 ssf4 chars into 8 dollars packs of one or two characters .

-They'd wouldnt have added so much to the eu/us release of tatsunoko Vs capcom , and just ported the thing on ps3/360 with every extra as paid dlc .

-the original sf2 wouldnt be packed alongside sf2 hd remix , and just sold on its own .
redDevil87  +   1551d ago
Spider-man! Yes!

00.13. someone has an orgasm in the wesker vid.
NeutralGamer  +   1551d ago
So true xD
BulletBtweenUrEyes  +   1551d ago
I think that same person had another at around 0:54
Brklynty1  +   1551d ago
i thought it was one of the characters at first XD!!!!
Djinn  +   1551d ago
This still doesn't make up for that bitch x-23
iMaim  +   1551d ago
she's wearing leather tight pants and knee high boots.
damn you're hard to impress.
Djinn  +   1551d ago
right...because i give a damn about pants and boots. lol
tiamat5  +   1551d ago
As if they would have left Spiderman out.Who ever said that they would?
RockmanII7  +   1550d ago
Activision owns the rights to Spiderman being in games so it was very likely that they would of kept him out in a way to benefit themselves somehow.
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Leonesaurus  +   1551d ago
We got Chris and Wesker fights on the way!!! XD Sweet!!! Spider-man (no surprise) is back too!!! Fucking awesome!!! Can't WAIT to see Wesker's moves and specials!! Wish Jill made it back into the mix though.... =(
bustamove  +   1551d ago
I have a youtube trailer of Wesker's attacks.

Uh, enjoy. ^^

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-Judge_Fudge  +   1551d ago
this is they only game i look forward to from capcom....
UltimateIdiot911  +   1551d ago
I can never hear Web balls the same way ever since playing with one of my roommate in MvC2. Every time I used that move, he would say wet balls.

Glad spidey is back though.
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TheGuardianFID  +   1551d ago
Yeah baby,
ma boy is back!!! 8)
zero_cool  +   1551d ago
Hopefully they will have lots of costume packs for each character because i want to see spider man in his 2099 costume.
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d3nworth1  +   1551d ago

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