Video Review: Playstation Move Hardware [TGA]

Sanii Mandred: Today I Review Sony's new motion controller, the Playstation Move. The Nintendo Wii has been out for ages now and hasn't really had any competition. The Playstation Move looks like it is set to change that. It offers amazing accuracy through the use of a big glowing ball and multiple sensors.

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Sanii2772d ago

That Fight Lights Out game looks pretty cool

zootang2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


This girl knows how to Move!

Cevapi882771d ago

if people are willing to wait....then the longest should be a month or so right before LBP2 comes needs to push these two working together, like they were made for one another...a KB ad to promote both would work to adults would love playing the game with the would just allow for everyone to easily connect with the game...access to pure fun with a game like LBP would make move the perfect fit for could be the flagship title if MM can implement the tech behind move to its fullest potential which i believe that they will do

Sanii2771d ago

Wow lmao. Imagine having a fight with her..

zootang2771d ago

I'd let her beat me any day...

moparful992771d ago

sanii I respectfully disagree.. I think people should buy this. I have been having an absolute blast with sports champions. I just cant get enough of disc golf, and just about everyone i've let play it loves either ping pong or gladiator duel. When you have hardcore xbox guys stating they wish they had a ps3 for move then you know its something special...

fooltheman2771d ago

disc golf... is very good...^^

moparful992771d ago

Yes it is.. Especially when you get a shot close to the basket and it goes into slow mo.. That is some exhilarating stuff.. Sony has yet again proven why they are the best at what they do...

RageAgainstTheMShine2771d ago

and we also got the Sports Champion Bundle.

Sanii2771d ago

Must be different in Australia.

A Cupcake for Gabe2771d ago

Same here. In the states I got a box with a Move controller, Sports Champions and the demo disc. And the second Move controller was in a plastic package like the dualshocks come in. A raging pain in the ass to get into.

Overall I played a few demos plus SC and EyePet. Move worls really well and is definitely awesome. This is something that will for surely please the softest to the hardest of core gaming. As a hardcore gamer I really dig EyePet, so I guess I won't knock the Kinectimals thing. yeah its all still pretty gay, but fun none-the-less.


IrishYamato2771d ago

The good news is: i dont have any bad news LOL.

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MGRogue20172771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

PS Move FTW.

Very well done Sony, You have done such a fantastic job & I adore you for it. :)

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