Think PlayStation Move is Too Expensive? Think Again

TQcast: Much like Xbox Live, you may never have to pay full retail price for anything PlayStation Move related. These PS Move deals keep getting better and better.

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Agent-862922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I think either Sony or some retailer, like Gamestop or Amazon, should put together what I call the Ultimate Move Bundle for $150. It would include the standard Sports Champion Bundle, but also include another Move plus Navigation Controller. This way you cover most of the combinations that you could need. 2 Moves for SP games that need them or 2 players with a Move apiece. Then, you also have the NavCon plus Move for core games to come like Socom4 and KZ3. And, if those type games ever allow split screen coop, one person can have a Move + NavCon and the other a Move + DS. A bundle like that would be an incredible value and eliminate a lot of confusion over what pieces to buy.

Desz2922d ago

What would this bundle come with?

Oner2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

@ Agent-86 ~ That is basically the bundle I got with a BestBuy deal I jumped on. The offer was via an email promo which said if I purchased any 2 games, accessories or PC titles priced $39.99 & above I would get a $25 Gift Card. So I dumped my pre-order from Gamestop and did a pre-order purchase of

1 - PS Move Bundle
1 - PS Move additional Controller

Then I used the $25 Gift Card to buy the NavController (+$5). So I basically got 2 Moves, 1 PS Eye, 1 NavController & Sports Champion for $155 or so (the perfect combo). But the best part is I was already close to reaching a $10 BB Rewards Zone Gamer Certificate and with this current purchase it gives me an additional $10 BB Rewards Zone Gamer Certificate! So I may use the $20 BB Rewards towards the GT% Collector Edition ;)

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MGRogue20172922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

... See? This is why I love Sony, They don't try to con their consumers like Microsoft does.

On PS3, You've got Free online gaming & free cool stuff usually gets released onto the PSN store like themes, demos & DLC packs every week.

Microsoft will always have you paying money for online gaming & stuff that should really be free.. which is terrible.

I don't hate Microsoft, I just think that Sony is more generous. :)

DanteKnightsTemplar2922d ago

at the end of the day,Move trumps it.but just like the ipad being overpriced and old tech,yet being whored by mass media,it succeeds.Sony,time to put up a fight,and Go to WAR!

Agent-862922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

And MSNBC, of all places, had a good review of the Move. The irony of it all.

Octo12922d ago

Me too! I looked at that and said "that can't be right" then again is MS and NBC. Still you'd think that being partners they would be pushing for Kinect.

rob60212922d ago

Well maybe they can praise other products, but you can be damn sure they wouldn't rate down Kinect, now that would really shock me.

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