M2G Review: Sonic Adventure

M2G Writes:

Sonic Adventures has hit XBLA and plenty will be pleased, but how does this game hold out and is it as good as we remember?

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Kamikaze1352984d ago

Why couldn't you give this an HD treatment and include the DX features? By them making the DX content DLC, I'm automatically turned off by this game.

Droid Control2984d ago

a HD remastered version of SHENMUE 1&2!

Sonic, sonic, sonic - thats all i see!

SoapShoes2984d ago

They'd probably give it a 1/10 stating it didn't age well like this game, when we all know these games are great STILL!

Elven62983d ago

The originals are great, these ports aren't.

Games like Rez HD are good examples of how to do it right. A Dreamcast port that was updated, received some great reviews in the process and even sold well and was loved by the community.

blib2983d ago

It has a near perfect rating on XBLA. Obviously the people who are buying it, are pretty pleased with it. Me included.

tucky2983d ago

I bought it and ... effectively I'm very pleased with it.
I cannot understand the reviews so far. THIS GAME IS SO GREAT !!!!
I don't understand how people can have problems with the camera (really easy to handle)
The best sonic to date ... and excuse me but graphically, many editors should try getting their inspiration from this game (it really aged well): wonderfull colors and environments. My global note: 10/10

2983d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.