Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS Move) Hands-On Impressions (DualShockers)

DS writes, "Namco Bandai’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm arrived in Demo form on the PlayStation Move Demo Disc today (included in the Sports Champions bundle) and the verdict is in, classic arcade shooting has been resurrected. If you’ve ever played with an on-rail shooter back in the day in the arcade, especially a Time Crisis shooter, then you know about the fast-paced killing that can ensue. I’ve had a chance to personally run through this new demo and I must say that even in the short demo presented I can tell this experience has been re-imagined for the home in a great way that will provide hours of enjoyment for one or two players in Arcade Mode, 1-4 players in Sentry mode, and surprisingly up to 8 players in Online Battles...."

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