Blu Ray vs HD-DVD means consumers lose

It was announced today that Paramount have decided to side with HD-DVD in yet another twist to the format wars which have been brewing for some months now, with Universal already on HD-DVD's side this is undoubtedly a blow to the Blu Ray camp, however with the latter having major studio's like Sony and Disney on board this news is hardly going to have them thinking the war is lost.

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drtysouf213933d ago

Buy what you absolutely can't live without and rent the others from netflix or blockbuster.

the worst3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

this means Paramount
will not be getting
no money from me

Sashy3933d ago

Cuz Paramount pictures will not get money from me either!

Tru_Blu3933d ago

Really, put it out on both formats and let the consumers decide. Oh well though, count me in as one who won't be spending any money on their stuff.

Bloodmask3933d ago

I'm sure that all the Sony fanboys will determine the outcome of the format war.

You idiots probably make up less than 1% of total Bluray movie sales. It doesn't matter if you use your allowance money to buy 3 or 5 movies a year.

Maybe you should go cut the lawn so you can buy six movies a year instead of 5.

Yeah boycott Bluray, that way Sony is sure to learn their lesson. By ceasing production.

ion6663933d ago

blu ray damn it and i'm not just saying that cause i got a ps3,maybe.oh hell ya caught me i support blu ray,anything against microsoft i cant stand monopolys.they remind me of clear channel who desecrate our music with bullshyt like rap music and country shyt.key word (rap),not hip is taking one formula and milking it a'la first person shooters

cuco333933d ago

exactly HOW is microsoft = HD DVD?

ms wants DLC, not a format media that they can't profit off of

ArduousAndy3933d ago

if anyone has the monopoly its sony. They forced blu-ray on the ps3 owners second last I checked Sony is in the market to make Television sets. So if theres anyone between sony and microsoft that has a monopoly its Sony.

Third (not to you specific but to the person above you) you do realize that if you "boycott" paramount it gives more reason to Paramount that going HD-Dvd was the right choice.

DJ3933d ago

Come on, Microsoft has no clue what they want. They're a bunch of pussies who try out a little bit of each market so that in case one thing fails, at least they have the illusion of safety in other markets. You can tell just by the way the 360 was built. They were too scared to go all-out on the first two versions, and now we have what, 8 SKUs?

cuco333933d ago

sony didn't force cd and dvd technology onto us. they took a stance (with cd) over the main competition who still used cartridge (nintendo) for obvious copy protection. the psx wasn't the only system in development for cd based game consoles as well. the ps2 follows the same suit. i bet you believe the DVD won against the movie competition based solely on ps2 sales huh? sorry buddy... not happening.

i will state though that having BR space is an advantage for making games massively detailed and huge. thing is, game developers aren't willing to drop tons of $ developing such games.

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Vip3r3933d ago

I wish they would make hybrid disks. One side Blu-ray and the other HD-DVD. That would stop all the fanboyism and the comsumer wouldn't be loosing out.

supnub53933d ago

go to you'll likely see the ad for lg player that plays both blu-ray and hd-dvd, but the problem is it's expensive as hell.

darthv723933d ago

this is what warner brothers is (or has) been working on for a little while. One side in Blueray and other is hddvd/dvd combo.

pilotpistolpete3933d ago

I think he meant physically on both sides of the disks.

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