Super Street Fighter IV: ARCADE EDITION Trailer

Check out Yun and Yang's SSFIV debut in this brand new trailer.

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RedPawn2710d ago

Nice, keep'em coming.

4 characters are left, right?

TheBlackSmoke2710d ago

Rumour says 6 all together, yes. Supposedly Rolento and Karin are the next two to be announced, we may hear more tomorrow during the Super Battle Opera Tournament.

RedPawn2710d ago

Well I hope Retsu & Urien make the list.


FiftyFourPointTwo2710d ago

I doubt Karin will make it. Ono keeps teasing that he likes Mika on his twitter. Her and Rolento are his favorites.

OnlyTheTruth2710d ago

I'm really starting to doubt this whole 6 character rumor. I hope it's true, but I dunno. An announcement during SBO would be baller.

P.S. Go team Kuroda.

Natsu X FairyTail2710d ago

Soon to be announced get the two new characters for 1200Points!!!!

yayyyy!!!! /sarcasm

Yang looks Tight tho. He was going in.

scar202710d ago


WLPowell2710d ago

You know what to do Capcom.

RedPawn2710d ago

Milking would be disc form, and all the HATE that DMC is getting this is a great buffer, until we see more.

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The story is too old to be commented.